1. Could be some common aroma chemical that pops out to your nose

  2. Ovisi od odjela do odjela, ali ima ih kao i svugdje. Obično se stvari moraju riješiti među kolegama kako god znaš, nema nekog pravila.

  3. HR svugdje radi u interesu firme a ne ljudi. To im je posao.

  4. Ocekivao bih da su dobri odnosi medju zaposlenicima u interesu firme

  5. To Sam I ja mislio rec, s Tim da ima tih npr udruga koje su strukturirane tako da ces nekoga sigurno upoznat

  6. Nah mate, just don't overdo it with the sprays and you're good

  7. Reci mi da često posuđuješ bez da vraćaš, bez da mi kažeš da često posuđuješ bez da vraćaš.

  8. Lol al ti si taj koji posuđuje, očito nemaš za kikiriki, svaljivat na drugog je zadnja obrana sirotog klošara.

  9. Kako znas da posudjujem? Jesi mi ti nesto posudio? Mislim da si vidio Neku recenicu na reditu I ispleo pricu koja nema nuzno veze s realitetom. Nije mi do svadje, pogotovo preko neta pa Evo lijep pozdrav

  10. That is the problem I cannot try them before purchase in those shops there are other but I have to go somewhere else which is a long distance away from me to test them

  11. Yeah bummer you know how it is with blind buys it's always a risk

  12. Escale en Indonesie. It's a cologne which is ok I reckon cause perfumes might be too much for the summer. Just do 10 sprays if you want power. Tried a lot of stuff, this is the best. An old aventus would do as well.

  13. Loves me some interlude fo sho. However, I do believe it could be unpleasant if used without reserve or consideration ☢️

  14. Amouage, great quality but mostly unusual scents, complex. Creed, nice and wearable. Roja, great blends, wearable but expensive. Clive Christian, supreme craftsmanship and materials, tend to be complex, expensive as f. Parfum d'empire, natural smelling and affordable, good stuff. Xerjoff, a huge offering, great quality.

  15. Yeah wouldn't really recommend it, a lot more quality out there. I mean it's fine they're good scents but when you consider the very large niche segment..

  16. Very fussy right here 😆 not about what I like but about what I love. I mean most of the stuff smells good enough, but the stuff that smells great...is rare

  17. my fattest reanimate target is Muldrotha, then Gitrog, don’t really have many other options

  18. Idk man I'd do rune scarred demon, sepulcral primordial, sadistic hypnotist, mindrack demon type of raw power sh. Also prolly cut those 4cmc counters

  19. i may have hit the sweet spot tbh, been goldfishing the latest version for about 2 hours and i’m finally able to start executing my game on t2-3 very consistently, i will cut one of the 4cc counters tho

  20. Mediteranski otok ili vucko I ekipa... Koliko Dana sunca imaju? 😆

  21. Ne. Al brate ak ti toliko ne da Mira reci jebe ti se

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