UPDATE: AITA for always wanting the bottom bunk?

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  1. The signs say that you need to talk to your husband about your concerns about his relationship with this woman, and stop trying to avoid healthy communication by looking up synastry charts.

  2. idk if you were joking but the signs do actually say they might have communication issues lol. mercury/moon + mercury/saturn combo!

  3. capricorn MC with chiron and part of fortune there (in equal system MC aquarius with neptune here) im 14 so i dont think its that relevant to me but i REALLY dont know what im gonna do. Everyone says me it needs time but i really feel like i will never do an "average" job and i hate the idea of it. its confusing

  4. Hey! I am also a cap MC. What helped me figure stuff out was trying new things and canceling out what I didn't enjoy!

  5. IMO I think Saturn is very cool in an austere sort of way. We need balance in all aspects of life and harnessing saturnian traits of discipline and control in our lives can only help us. ( I have Saturn on my asc lol I'm obsessed with Saturn)

  6. I think it depends on aspects and house placement too. It is better than fall/detriment.

  7. it’s in the 9th house which is a “happy” house for Mars I think...but most aspects Mars makes or aspects made to it are either a square or opposition. Only one loose separating conjunction. Some of the squares and oppositions are separating aspects too, though.

  8. Does it make any aspects to angles/benefics/saturn?

  9. Asking for a friend, where did you buy that? It’s so cute!!!

  10. Its from @/ rachelerin.s on Ig. she's really cool!!

  11. I agree with this. Stating that gender is a spectrum, can easily show up in a persons chart through their personal planets and the aspect they make, imo.

  12. Congratulations OP. Keep going. I'm so proud of you!

  13. I was born when my mom's natal Saturn was being squared(2 degrees away) by transit Saturn in her 5th house lol

  14. omg we have the same personal placements I'm a taurus rising though crazy!

  15. I’m sorry I don’t have advice but good luck!

  16. Please don’t buy from dollskill. They have really shitty practices.

  17. I didn’t know that but just did some research. Thanks for the info! I’ve never actually bought from there and definitely won’t be now.

  18. Thank you for actually looking into it! ☺️

  19. Buy yourself some flowers. And dump his ass

  20. Uranus. My work has been SOO important the past few months. I’m interning, in school and making custom clothes. It’s fucking crazy but I love it

  21. I’ve always wished to do this! Just disappear off of the face of earth 😌😌

  22. NTA. Your biological mother doesn’t seem to have been a “real” mother tho.

  23. Your 7th house is ruled by your scorpio Venus in the 8th house.

  24. You won't die. You've had 2 other 1st house protection years and the 8th house alone does not rule death. there are so many factor involved. You were literally born during you first 1h protection year.

  25. With your south node in Aries you may feel a natural tendency to want to be free from responsibilities, not caring too much about consequences or what people think. This is what your soul is used to, but your north node is in libra so your destiny in this lifetime is to move beyond that. You will learn and grow the most when you follow your north node- and you have some helpful aspects here! I’m a super novice astrologer but I would recommend studying your north node in libra further

  26. Yes! Also that the south node is conj Saturn in the 12th house. Definitely lots of shadow work and looking within oneself. Saturn is in fall in Aries too because they’re both opposing forces. One is so impulsive and wanting race ahead and Saturn wants lots of hard work for long periods of time. OP you’re young and it’s good that you’re thinking about this already. Focus into going within yourself and spending time trying to harness your energy within some sort of a routine (6th house NN) I think some sort of self-care shadow work routine like maybe journaling everyday right before you sleep or right after you wake up ( you said you feel like your soul is free on the other side so maybe write about that) so make some routine that involves looking into your soul. Honestly you might feel the shackles of Saturn forever but it is possible to harness that into some sort of freedom. Like looking at the power of Saturn as something freeing you of control maybe

  27. All of us, more or less, tend to project our chart's energies onto others. Humanity is a quite unconscious species. We see in others what we want to see and not what they actually are. That's why 99% of all relationships sooner or later break. So yes, that's now how it works. It's much more complex.

  28. I have to agree. And I don’t think the Virgo Venus helps either.

  29. oh but taking away more than half her savings is fine?

  30. lmao OP is a troll that wants to cancel mental illness and wants people's moms to die but ooooh pisces women deserve to be cheated on lol

  31. I think virgos are actually the most common sun signs! I honestly do think they’re a troll lol because I get liking virgos but what’s the generalisations yikes

  32. I’m not going to sugar coat it. Hating someone and resenting them will only hurt you. I know you want to see them suffer but do you realize that you’re the one suffering instead? Try therapy. If you can’t do that then every time you feel hatred and resentment tell yourself that you are better than this. What happened would’ve happened anyway. Life doesn’t discriminate between strong and weak. I saw your other comment that said crying is for the weak. It is not. Crying can be extremely cathartic and empowering. Cut yourself some slack. It is ok now. You don’t have to deal with whatever crap your ex put you through.

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