1. Nope, it's mainly incels and manosphere types that think that.

  2. As someone who used to believe in *some* manosphere stuff hence my question, I still get doublethink when I'm down. Takes a while to rid myself of such mindsets. frik 'em, I guess.

  3. Are you participating in the auxiliares de conversación program?

  4. It's okay man. I wouldn't judge you for being with more than one and then reaffirming your core values after some errors of judgement. Your true intentions and trait of character will shine through, and that's good enough for women.

  5. This is a RP cope. I can’t even imagine a 25 yo woman at the prime of her life dying to go for a 45 yo guy LOL. I still think physical attraction is the most important factor in relationship initiation but afterwards everything equals out.

  6. In their mind, a man """needs""" to fuck women so they have two categories for women. Or castes if you prefer. Wife material, and those other women who are just for one night stands. This mentality among men is actually VERY common and it's not a new phenomenon at all so I also can't say I feel that sorry for the women who sleep with such men and then to their shock and surprise, later find out they aren't particularly respected or well-regarded.

  7. Yeah, it’s harder to catch when you’re younger. Self reflection is only happens when you cringe at yourself and realize you were wrong about a lot. A lot of these pseudo intellectual “redpillers” ranting about how right they are about everything is the exact opposite of “self-reflection.” Disillusionment is the right word, and I wish so many of these young men would break out of it.

  8. You're not scared of marriage and 'court rape' anymore either as espoused by the redpillers? (no hate geniunely curious as to your opinion about it)

  9. Unless you're experienced in family court, either by being a lawyer or actually going through family court, most redpillers don't actually understand the complexities of the law and legal system to constantly make the assumption that "marriage bad cuz divorce rape".

  10. Yeah, even though my heart goes out to the dudes who actually have gone through severe bias, I don't think 'divorce rape' as a concept is that simple.

  11. Based on all the videos being posted by women all over TikTok who are melting down over this issue, the answer is an irrefutably solid "yes". There seems to be a lot of pain out there with the realization that the tables have turned in that all the men who got rejected by attractive women in their youth are now holding all the cards and rejecting these same attractive women who have lived a life of false entitlement and unrealistic expectations of men, with the unexpected result of still being single. The problem also stems from women seeking men who are frequently labeled as "Chads", who are known for the same level of opportunistic infidelity these women have been living. Get on YouTube and search the term "hitting the wall" and see for yourself that there's an entire online industry based on analyzing these videos and this very real phenomenon.

  12. if i reject a guy i reject a guy for good and forever period.

  13. But women value wealth, status and experience , things that come with age. While men do not value those things, except for wealth but only if they are broke.

  14. Be polite, act interested if you're genuinely interested but not too clingy that you come off as desperate and weird.

  15. Because I f***ing hated the authoritarian mainstream feminists that would bash men and tell them they're trash, as well as bash my personal opinions on how to conduct my life as a damn woman, and the red pill was just a resentful reactionary push against them.

  16. Yes and no. Palo Alto is just known for being more white than other cities.

  17. nahh I just call this one "Middle American starter pack" lol

  18. The men who judge you for being in your "prime" are not the ones who are keepers when they consider you "past" your prime. It'll begrieve MGTOW to know that not all of us are *gasp* CHAD simps.

  19. Also sry if the picture quality isn’t the best, I didn’t know where else to look for a better one.

  20. If you feel this way, it might be good to unpack this. Why would you feel inferior to anyone younger than you having sex? Is it because you consider them more desirable? Errrr it's common knowledge that a woman will look subpar and there will always be men out there to take her virginity. But is that what you are really looking for? Unless I'm wrong, it's not what you are currently looking for...

  21. Tell me you're a no-fun transphobe incel without telling me you're a no-fun transphobe incel. Your use of "std lulz" alone tells me exactly how out of touch with regular day-to-day humans you are.

  22. “I have an STD lol” is a literal quote that I witnessed on tinder profiles you dolt, otherwise I would not have added it on there. Talk about out of touch!

  23. TIL kinky things like spitting in mouth equals - degenerate person.

  24. No but lots of ppl think having it on ur profile like a personality trait is 😅

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