What's one of the dumbest things you've ever spent money on?

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  • By - 3VD

  1. This happens to me all the time!! I feel so pretty and end up feeling myself (literally and figuratively)

  2. Red flag, massive red flag. May I ask what state you are in? At 19/20 ,you are considered an adult. But are you in school, has anyone asked if she(boss) reports her number to the government. A lot depends on how illegal she is is running her biz, to see how much potential trouble you may be in Pat b

  3. I’m in GA and currently enrolled in college. And yes I have had rumors about her running her business illegally. One more thing to mention is that I work at a massage parlor and she has hired unlicensed massage therapists that did operate and perform shit massages on people.

  4. Smart kid. Ok, not a lawyer, but the question to ask is Did the employer have you sign any paperwork, W-W, 1099-r, anything. If not you are being paid CASH, but in check form so she can track where the money goes (check # and made to you) is this illegal, yes and no , there is not enough bingo here. But you have started to ask the right questions

  5. I didn’t sign a single thing. Nothing at all. I was just hired and showed up to work. And yes, she writes checks for us that we then deposit into our own accounts

  6. Bullshit fucking FUSHIGI balls. The scam of the century.

  7. I work as a spa receptionist and my fucking boss got off the phone w a customer and was supposed to create a slot for her appointment but completely forgot. The lady came for her massage and we were booked up as fuck and couldn’t let her in. She was rightfully pissed off tho.

  8. Doesn’t matter. Hair is hair. You do whatever u want to your body. I would not give a fat shit if my partner stopped shaving

  9. I am under the drinking age sir

  10. Toyota’s are super relatable. Kias aren’t as much

  11. Could be a creation from little bubby child on Instagram

  12. Hell yeah! You're gonna have a sore arm, lol.

  13. The tetanus shot is the only one that’s fucking with my arm rn so far haha

  14. Oof sorry you have to get poked so much! Are they giving you any advice regarding timing?

  15. I get my second round of them in a few months:-)

  16. Damn, rip. I really hope it was from natural causes and not drugs.

  17. That’s rough. I wonder if/what they were using. She tweeted previously that he had covid, so maybe it could be that too?

  18. What was your dose? I've done a lot of dxm over the years and have only had negative experiences when combined with weed. It intensifies the trip enormously and makes my heart race and gives me extreme anxiety, which culminated in a panic attack once. I never combine the two now. Dxm alone though has always been thoroughly enjoyable for me.

  19. I drank half a bottle of the stuff, I’m no stranger to dxm and I have taken much higher doses before, didn’t smoke or anything at all. Trip was really good towards the beginning/peak but as I was peaking I got really uncomfortable with my surroundings and was thrown into a hazy-panic like state and freaked out but learned a lot. First time that had ever happened to me with this substance. Other times it was super fun.

  20. If u want it so bad pm me instead of bitching about it

  21. I followed a location the randonautica app gave me, and found a kitten in the street.

  22. The stupid Mickey Mouse ears you get at Disney. It was almost 40 bucks and i bought it for a “souvenir” to look at when I’m older, but it’s cheaply made and just sits in a drawer collecting dust. I could be 40$ richer if I never bought the shit.

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