1. People are dumping on you but I think you just might not have a lot of experience figuring some of this stuff out.

  2. There's a person at my job whos title is literally "Assistant to the Executive Director" and makes over $180k/year. He does nothing but wander around the building looking for things to write people up for.

  3. Heeey! Hey! Phil? Phil? Phil Conners, I thought that was you!

  4. I don’t think drowning would be as bad as you’d expect seems peaceful once you figured that was it

  5. Not to get weird but I had a very realistic dream where I was in a pool and thought I'd just swim up to the edge and get out like normal. Fully clothed for some reason. But that didn't happen and I just kept sinking Eventually swallowing water. Then I woke up. Freaked me the heck out. Definitely wasn't peaceful.

  6. Every dream is just you living through the eyes of another multiverse you. Sorry mate, you just died somewhere out there.

  7. No more cool stories for your injuries. How did you hurt your back? Skateboard fall? Accident while rock climbing? Nope, bent over to pick up a towel off the floor.

  8. When taking out the trash requires protective gear. Or sleeping wrong.

  9. You’re wrong, Angela Basset will be Black Panther. That will be the biggest curve ball in marvel movie history.

  10. Same cars we have had since the before times. Subaru and a Honda CR-V. Works.

  11. Yes. But I found the "blippi plumber" episode to be a familiar scene.....

  12. You look forward to it then you miss the noise and chaos. I had stuff planned. I honestly just enjoyed the solitude and used it to eat better (no take out) and go for walks. Caught up on some TV.

  13. Eyes are welling up..... Man this is gonna be an emotional roller coaster. The trailer looks like they did CB justice.

  14. Oh when you correct someone and they realize how in the wrong they are? That's a "crack a beer open moment".

  15. I just watched the 2018 movie. It was shit. And kind of unintentionally offensive to autistic people. But to be fair, this one seems to scale things back and do something different. Not just go bigger by literally just making predators 11ft.

  16. I totally forgot about that one. In my head the last one was the Adrian Brody movie.

  17. For a second I thought that's the one being talked about. I was so confused. I was like," But I liked that one :/" and "Autistic people? How?!"

  18. Whatever you do, be mindful of sugary snacks. Some kids don't react too well to sugar and they can go bananas. Probably not the place for that to happen.

  19. It's your landlord's responsibility to fix it, so let'em. Not saying that you would hose it up, but they would probably prefer to do it themselves/their way than take that chance. And if by some chance you do mess it up, it's going to be more work for you/them to make it right.

  20. I know i'm not the one that this was directed to but remembering complicated words is like the only thing i'm good at. Kamakawiwo'ole

  21. Try a mashed garbanzo bean salad (it probably has a name which I'm blanking in) like a tuna or egg salad sandwich. The texture is nice. I like squeezing lemon and using herbs. Add cucumber for more texture.

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