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  1. If someone could ever find the video of him and Nieky Holzken sparring again I’d be so grateful. There’s only like a 5 second clip out there now, but the original was awesome.

  2. 4.5 grams is a lot lol if I were to do this I probably would have started with just like a half a gram or a gram

  3. If he wasn’t signed to this contract he would’ve literally played himself out of the league in the next two years. Like dude… his legacy, if this doesn’t get fixed next year, is WIPED out. That sucks.

  4. Hand tattoos, and other “Job stoppers” tattoos such as neck, and face tattoos not only hurt like hell but tells people either you’re a hardened criminal or Financially secure. So yeah These tattoos will have social implications and a certain aesthetic. But in the end the person underneath is really the only thing that matters. Because no matter how sexy she finds you now that tattoo won’t save you from a horrible personality and poor judgment. However I hope at minimum your entire arm is covered, if you have visible open canvas space and still opted to get a hand tattoo…..idk bro at least treat your mother with respect or something.

  5. I see where you’re coming from because it’s been the normal for decades, but as someone who travels office to office, business to business, seeing every walk of life from low to high, noticeable tattoos have become pretty normal tbh.

  6. Maybe like Aaron Rodgers said on a podcast back in the summer he had his best seasons after doing ayahuasca. Maybe Russ needs to just go down in South America to check out the machine elves. lol

  7. Our best talent is ps2. Everyone else is replaceable. Our defense is elite even with guys missing

  8. I think Simmons is pretty irreplaceable in terms of his leadership. He’s a genuine leader for this team and defense on and off the field

  9. I saw canelo giving a homeless man a blowjob behind a dumpster in Miami..

  10. Need to appreciate the little things you love while they last and go out of your way to try stuff you’ve always wanted in life.

  11. Fuck all that I'm just gonna kill myself the moment I get my hands on a gun. It's all pointless anyway.

  12. Sure, it’s all pointless in the grand scheme of things. There’s moments where I’d like to just go 180mph into a solid brick wall. Hell, before that trip I was feeling like that. But finding something to make you smile is worth the challenge

  13. Idk why us broncos fans (not necessarily pointing at you OP but in general) are getting wrapped up in the whole Russ vs Pete ordeal. It’s like if I got mad at my girls ex boyfriend lol. I honestly don’t give a fuck about him…

  14. It’s true, the last decade here has seen a noticeable shift, especially outside of London. It’s spreading and this body positivity shite isn’t helping.

  15. Lmao y’all been making fun of us fat ass Americans for the last 20 years, finally starting to notice it’s been spreading world wide this whole time.

  16. Legit one of the best fights I’ve seen on here in a while😂😂 BITCH IM BUILT LIKE THIS

  17. Yeah i kind of agree, and for anyone that hasn't watched it yet, just skip the first 32 minutes. There is pretty much nothing of value in that first 32 minutes anyways.

  18. You are right because it's "gotchya!" content and using private emails (not cool).

  19. I agree with everything you’re saying. LiverKing puts himself in situations to be criticized like this. Derek’s videos are meant to talk about the truth of the industry.

  20. Everyone acting like this something new. There’s been LOTS of other fighters who’s been to the same shooting range and not ones from strictly that area of the world. But now all of sudden everyone wants to act like they’re upset. Ahhkay

  21. Why can’t our media ever ask any good questions when Hackett is on the stage? You don’t have to be disrespectful, but they tip-toe around so much and nothing ever gets said. Like, just flat out press the guy on something for once. Yeah it might be a little confrontational, but it’s as if nobody in the Denver media has the courage to ever bring anything up

  22. This is like John Elway firing himself to a better position lmao. Dude fumbled his way onto a Super Bowl contender. I fucking hope so badly he fumbles in a critical spot..

  23. I once heard Chris Delia say a hole is a hole as long as you close your eyes

  24. Put your phone at arms length a squint. Cody's brain is running on fumes

  25. I love that profile pic 😂 it haunts me at the same time though

  26. Fucking bench Wilson. Enough. We already aren’t winning, and we’re not even improving. Worst case we find MORE ways not to win, but at least we would be trying something different.

  27. This is what I’ve been thinking a while now. Not necessarily bench him, but come up with some injury to sideline him for the rest of the season.

  28. Depends. I mean if it’s solely a Peruvian market , yes choclo Serrano. But if it’s a Latin American market they probably won’t know it, just ask for Peruvian corn. If you’re anywhere near Denver I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find it. I believe there’s a decent amount of Peruvians there.

  29. I’ll check the markets! Thanks a bunch for the quick response. Just outside of Denver so there’s a few different spots I’ll try to visit

  30. H Mart in Aurora definitely has frozen choclo, in case that’s anywhere near you.

  31. Not too close but I’ll make my way there! Thank you for the reply! 🙏🙏

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