2. i used soft pencil found on asset store and i really liked it, another series i recommend is “mameo” if you look them up.

  3. i love how holographic it looks, thank u for sharing. i love using tone curve + hue + colorbalance combo to give my drawing finished look

  4. Wow that looks good, how long did this take you?

  5. took me around 5 hours! Thank you!!

  6. What’s the BGM for this clip? I like the song

  7. on transform setting, do you have “keep original” checked or unchecked?

  8. nice style ^^ he looks like he will be the best boyfriend of all time once the traveler finds the sibling and had time for romance

  9. Woah - your style is so cool and unique! Really love it. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Man shot and killed after argument over crash in Fort Worth, police say

  11. Please read this before submitting a recommendation/question post.

  12. theres almost none :( on that page i even searched the tags

  13. im not sure if you look through the list but most of them doesn’t even have the harem tag…and just love triangles…and i was hoping for manhwa recommendation because i like the webtoon format rather than japanese. Thanks anyways though!

  14. Swing Baby is one of my favorite, both ml are so tender with each other

  15. the wrench icon at the bottom of your tool property window

  16. I don't see it, I try to make the brush window bigger I still can't see a thing

  17. Nice art. That's not Geto Suguru though. And yes, there is a big difference between

  18. you prob should tag spoiler 😩 theres a reason why i tagged this thread spoiler

  19. For the curious, the other manhwas I've seen where the guys have the same body type and height are Dark Heaven and Playtime With Hakdo.

  20. dark heaven absolutely broke me….one of my favorite but i dont know if i can ever reread it. I was insanely attracted to both ml character designs.

  21. yeah, he was extremely attractive and obsessed with fitness. Looked identical to Chrollo, like literally identical to him


  23. this was so long ago I don't know how to find a picture of him I'm sorry, I never learned his last name.

  24. its okay! good to know someone out there looked like him

  25. The drawing is BEAUTIFUL! I love the coloring and the overall look. However, the face expression is kind of strange. Is this supposed to be a wholesome and happy drawing, because it looks like he’s in tremendous pain but trying to hide it.

  26. HAHAH OMG IS IT GIVING HAROLD?! jokes aside facial expressions are something im currently working on…hmmmm..he does look like hes putting on a front 🤨

  27. Everyone’s comments and encouragement from last post really gave me a motivation boost so I completed another light study piece in like 2 days 🥹.

  28. Omg the colors are so pretty !! And your OC looks handsome, I love it, I hope I’ll be able to draw like that too someday ! I love this style

  29. thank you so much for your kind words ☺️

  30. i like the colors and shading…the only thing kinda confuse me is the way the hooves are facing vs the pose…it looks like their body is twist 360 degrees hmmm

  31. omg this is the aesthetic i want for my 3

  32. I will be ecstatic when I can do something as nice as this. Really great job, I love the water and the 'ghostly effect' greenish/orange swirl and also the way the red string blurs into the foreground. His fingers are very elegant, fingers drive me nuts....while we're at it, so do braids and you did a very nice job with his and all of his hair. I like your shading and how the butterflies appear to be a lot of the light source...it's really really good!

  33. ahh thank you so much for such an awesome comment!! I appreciate you so much

  34. it’s been a while since my last post but I improved alot 😩

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