1. Yo vivo cerca del metro Villa de Vallecas desde hace 10 años y nunca he tenido ningún problema. Es una zona bonita? No. Pero no es el peor barrio. En metro son unos 25 mins hasta Atocha, pero en la línea 1 que es bastante concurrida.

  2. Way more than I should, way less that I would like to.

  3. In Lidl and Aldi there are several (in my opinion) vegan/vegetable options (typical tofu hamburgers, for example).

  4. A ese precio ni idea. Pero La Tostadora o Pampling tienen ese tipo de camisetas.

  5. Probably L'equipe are the one putting the ratings. Almost impossible to get a 10.

  6. Hello, I'm looking for oranges, just need 2 or 3 to start my own orange trees

  7. Asensio, he is still young but he was expected to be the leader of Spain some years ago. He has not reached his potential due to injuries and poor mentality. But he is young, could be fun to try to get him to a 90 OV via dynamic potential

  8. AI teams with multiple players for one position. Like ManU with STs

  9. Oxenfurt? Don't get me wrong I love both Toussaint and Novigrad, but there is something in Oxenfurt that makes me like it.

  10. Yeah! I've always thought that one of the best details in the game was the sense of scale. IRL I don't care for huge cities, and honestly Novigrad is pretty hectic to me. Oxenfurt feels like a homier more tightly knit city. I conduct most of my business there with merchants etc until it's absolutely necessary to go to Novigrad.

  11. This. If was able to choose, I would probably choose Oxenfurt to live. And I would love to have the academy open again, it would give the city much more life.

  12. Look in sofifa for players whose contract finish on 2023 (not loanee). Those usually sell for their market value or even a little less.

  13. Real Madrid vs. Barcelona is not a derby, at least for spanish speaking countrues. Is El Clásico, probably the most important rivalry in Spain, but derby is usually for teams in the same city/province. Although I think in England the concept is wider

  14. Oh god, some of my most expensive games would have to go. I feel I'm more a collectionist than a boardgame player in these days.

  15. Colosimo and Cañadio have amazing "pincho de tortilla".

  16. Although luck does not play a big role in this game, it still plays a role. You had bad luck, that's it. Rhino is another villain that can beat you in one single turn if he gets the right cards.

  17. Your player still has two legs, nothing there. Keep playing!

  18. I've seen several times that if you're under 1/3 you're Ok. But is hard to do that in a city like Madrid

  19. Around 3, but it will get worst every year, sadly.

  20. I live in Spain and it took me 3 years after I sent the documentation to get the citizenship. It has been this way for years, funny to see how a lot of people realizes this a big issue now that there is someone famous involved.

  21. This happens to me when I set training to everyday. They are lazy AF and don't like it I guess. But gotta keep that sharpness high

  22. Simple answer, there is no one. Mbappe and Haaland were top tier. On a distant second tier is maybe Vlahovic, also out of the market. The only thing now is reinforcing other areas, and wait for the next big thing. Maybe he is already in our team, maybe not. Maybe in a couple of years there is a new sensation, maybe in 4 years. The thing is Real Madrid can't miss again.

  23. Did he make a mistake though? I mean how could he or anyone have foreseen what PSG did here? 300 million euros as a signing bonus? 100 million euro wages? For comparasion, Messi, who’s Barca’s biggest player ever, perhaps one of the most marketable athletes of all time, was making the 100 million mark AFTER everything he’d done for the club, while Barcelona was the club with the highest revenue. Mbappe will make 600 million in 3 years. Perez didn’t make a mistake, the FFP did for allowing this to happen

  24. The mistake was putting evrything into Mbappe, trusting words and not facts. What I regret the most is that we could probably have signed Haaland, and we didn't because there was no room for him, Mbappe and Benz

  25. Si te gustan los juegos de Mesa en Madrid hay diversas asociaciones y clubs de juegos de mesa y de rol, sobre todo por la zona sur, como Vukaneros del Rol en Vallecas o la Cofradía del Dragón por Moratalaz. Hay más, pero ahora mismo no recuerdo de donde son algunas de las que conozco

  26. También está el dado rúnico en Villa de Vallecas. Y algunas tiendas como Cuarto de Juegos que organizan algún que otro evento pequeño.

  27. OP mentioned he doesn't have MTS or Sinister Motives yet.

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