he is high af

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  1. You’re likely to get a split between FN and SD. I see FN personally.

  2. Thank you for your input. Could you please elaborate on why you think she’s a FN and not SD?

  3. Forgot to mention she’s 5’8/173cm !

  4. I think she looks more SN tbh and she was just skinny? How tall is she bc she might be neither

  5. i’d say FN, her width just can’t be ignored to me

  6. where do you see the width? asking cuz i’m new to typing lol

  7. oh hey…i see the width in her shoulders mainly, and her upper back. Her body also tends to musculature which is another FN trait. Hope this helped x

  8. epitome of a soft dramatic

  9. is Yeji a Dramatic?🤔 Never thought of her as one.

  10. i think she has some sort of a classic essence, beautiful

  11. i’d say she’s in the gamine family

  12. She looks kinda scary with those particular glasses. The sharp smile and the curve of her eyebrows is freaking me out a bit lol

  13. yeah she kinda looks like the creatures from the truth or dare movie on netflix, they had that sharp smile as well

  14. in picture 3 and 4 she kinda looks like the creatures from “truth or dare” the netflix movie😭😭

  15. but 5’4 isn’t short which is why she doesn’t look short…cause she isn’t

  16. I see no kibbe curve with riri, I actually think she's pure D 🙂

  17. 5 & 6 are stunning on you, they’re my favorites especially as fellow D!!…so which did you end up choosing??

  18. this was a good idea :)…but a lot of the typings are just waaaaay off in my opinion.

  19. i completely disagree with Hwasa, Nayeon, Joy, Yeji, Yuna, Charyeong, Jeongyeon, Moonbyul, Lia, Miyeon, Tayeon, Shuhua, Irene, Wheein, Soyeon, Chungha, Solar and Dahyun…some of these are actually very wrong in my opinion but if that’s your opinion on their types then you’re free to think that and there’s no harm i guess.🤷🏾‍♀️

  20. would it be more of a D style or FN style??🤔

  21. the fact that you put Tzuyu as D and not SD…THANK YOU!!!

  22. bro this dude ain’t high, he’s possessed

  23. Lol sorry you're right. Google said it's 5.6 foot and of course my metric brain did not come to the conclusion that this might not work.

  24. so are you 1.72m or 5’6 ft?

  25. then i’m inclined to think FN but i could be wrong lol

  26. romantic😍😍🥵🥵🤤🤤

  27. i’d say G family, maybe between pure gamine (i know they no longer exist) and flamboyant gamine.

  28. once i figured out that those were ur s’s it was pretty easy to read.

  29. why does this…make my skin itch?

  30. I scream, you scream, we all scream as the ice cream invasion begin.

  31. i scream, you scream gimme that gimme that ice cream.

  32. i thought we already knew this🙄

  33. so brave that you didn't think Hyunjin FN before, I literally thought FN just because of his shoulders (or male baseline width which was confusing to me when I first started the Kibbe Kpop journey). I didn't know what's Hwasa's type until I realized she's quite yang-dominant.

  34. Yeah I never thought he was FN because i took his whole body into consideration, including his face, height, hands, legs etc. plus I never saw the need for him to accommodate width, imo he’s quite far from a typical FN male. And with Hwasa, I remember when a lot of people saying she was TR and I was just like uhh no, she isn’t lol.

  35. I can relate with the Hwasa part XD I wondered if she can be SD, but I'm unsure now. I didn't like it when someone used to insist me that "hWaSa TR1!1!1!" or "hWaSa cAnT bE SD bC sHeS dElIcAtE1!1!1!" and I was like... idk? Her energy felt too yang to me to place her as a TR.

  36. Yeah I always thought Hyunjin was between D, SD and maybe even DC. But as for Hwasa, mmm I can’t see her as a SD maybe SN would be a better fit.

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