1. This is so cool, would you happen to have a photoshop tutorial on YouTube? I would love to learn this...

  2. Now I have the image in my head of me staring at the screen cross-eyed nudging different layers in Photoshop and cussing under my breath. 🤣 I've never made any tutorial content. Maybe some day. Essentially each layer that you see with different depth is drawn independently on different layers in PS and then offset slightly. It's more time-consuming than difficult. I'm sure there are easier tools to use than Photoshop. So draw the piece on different layers>duplicate the drawing>stare cross-eyed for hours nudging things slightly starting at the foreground and moving to the back>call an ophthalmologist / psychologist when complete.

  3. Too funny, I have more of an idea now... Thanks

  4. Nice depth, the colors are relaxing

  5. How do I save it after it is generated?

  6. OK, this is cool, I didn't even realize that this was out there... Thanks

  7. Took a while to focus but nice

  8. Tom Hanks is at best a good actor, he's been very Lucky to have been offered so many good rolls... Good, yes; Great, No...For example, the Oscer he received in Castaway should have been awarded to Wilson...

  9. with no movement between the 2 images, What camera or cameras are you using to take the pictures?

  10. These are taken with my Fuji mirrorless camera and a telephoto lens. The dove was on the carport and I was several feet below him. I just lucked out and got a few decent stereo pairs while I was photographing him. He was pretty chill. Here's a shot from the photoshoot :

  11. Well, it really turned out great

  12. Kept looking left then right trying to figure out what I was supposed to see. Then I saw the subreddit was CrosView and felt dumb. 😅

  13. The Kids are going to love it, Very well done...

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