1. As someone who raises exotic insects as a hobby, I’m honestly really tired of people making degrading comments towards peoples’ critter pets (tarantula, insects, snakes, etc). Whenever I show people pictures of my insects I sometimes get comments like “If I saw that damn thing in my house I would smash it with a hammer!!”

  2. What made you get into raising exotic insects?

  3. I like the suggestion of dressing up as an opposing fan and lightly shit talk Naylor. I want to give him all that smoke

  4. Not sure if this data means anyting but it's praising DPJ so I'll allow it.

  5. Gonna be interesting to see how the team will use DPJ this year across from Cooper

  6. Always wondered how many Browns fans that also are Buckeyes hated the sack and loved this celebration for revenge

  7. Shame some pretty good titles are going to be lost to the void


  9. Why do they walk so slowly across busy streets when they can easily fly?

  10. I assume that's similar to a Lions or Browns fan in this sub, right?

  11. Can't tell you the number of times where I've had an opinion where the reply was "you're a browns fan"

  12. Happy NBA Draft Lottery day, or as it's also known as, "Hope for the best of luck for those plebes who couldn't afford to buy a championship team in the NBA"

  13. Everyone's going to be super mad when the Cavs get a lottery pick....pls

  14. Honestly, after the season is over does anyone compare the results to these kind of data? Feels like every offseason there are posts like this but not enough posts saying if the data translated into the season results itself.

  15. I think the biggest issue with this is how can you judge to a lot of these things. With this it's saying the packers get a 0.01 gain in wins because of the scheduling. Not to mention year over year wins can be noisy just simply due to sample size.

  16. Oh yea? What would Steve Young know about being a QB in the NFL?!

  17. Lame Reddit jokes aside, Ian Rapoport is out there saying Mayfield is a possibility to start if Watson gets a lengthy suspension.

  18. I think Rap is out of his mind. No way he plays

  19. 16 glorious weeks of beautiful juicy Briskett followed by one throw away week with Dobbs just so he can stick it to his former team

  20. And so it begins, Browns fans hyping themselves up in the off-season only for it to end in disappointment.

  21. Just because Baker pops off against the Bengals doesn't mean he wasn't bottom 5 last year

  22. Weird, Jaire Alexander has a $1M salary on the first year of his new contract. Must be a badman too!.

  23. Chiefs did it for Mahomes, Rams did it for Stafford, Bucs did it for Brady.

  24. yeah but 1 million is stunningly low for a SQB. it is absolutely on purpose.

  25. Damn I guess Aaron Rodgers, Mahomes, and Stafford are all looking at suspensions incoming.

  26. Teller will be sad if that happens

  27. Here’s an idea - get Baker Mayfield.

  28. That does sound like a good idea

  29. Xavien about to hold out again for a new contract

  30. I just got an image of Watson putting a loaded menthos/coke bottle up his own ass before throwing a bomb to amari cooper. Thank you for your service

  31. I fully expect Watson to be on the next Jackass with that stunt

  32. I still find MBC jokes funny because there's at least some creativity to it instead of just replacing two works in a paragraph with Kelvin benjamin and food

  33. Happy for Juice but damn that's gotta hurt the ego a little bit. Hope he has a monster year and gets paid

  34. It’s mandatory league fines. Which is why he will probably be traded before camp.

  35. That is if we can find a trade partner unfortunately doesn't seem to be the case as of right now

  36. Weirdest thing to argue when it was pretty clear as day

  37. We pay our guys. Palmer, Dalton, AJ, all got bank. Palmer was the highest paid QB in the league at one point (and showed his gratitude by throwing a tantrum and quitting on the team a couple of years later).

  38. It’s more so the guaranteed money part. The base line now for a franchise guy is going to have to be fully guaranteed contracts which they’ll have to put I think 75% in an escrow account. Does Mike Brown have 300M in cash to do something like that for a single player

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