1. Nope but I do think the mount owner should get a cut of the tmog cost lol. Same with auction house mount

  2. If you think one was, there is nothing you can do for anyone.

  3. Ah, the ever present willfully ignorant liberal that thinks the left is above criticism.

  4. Then go vote for a third party instead of going around bitching about it.

  5. I got 5 kids still at home. I'm doing the dishes ONCE a day. Breakfast is just bowls or plates and a butter knife, nobody around for lunch in the week... I'm not doing them at the start of the day to also end my day doing them 🥲

  6. It’s crazy the difference just stacked and tidy can make. My wife just piles them all up wherever, totally Willy nilly, and the kitchen looks like a restaurant after church brunch rush. I can throw away the food on the dishes and simply stack them and suddenly everything is contained to the sink and looks good enough until it time to do the dishes.

  7. Make sure they go to the bathroom before they go to bed. Limit how much they drink before bedtime. If they have a water bottle/cup at their bedsides limit how much you put in it. All else fails overnight diapers.

  8. Saying "I might do" if asked if you're going to do something, e.g.

  9. Blizzard and WoW got monetised a long time ago. Steve Jobs had something to say about what happens when companies get run by the marketing people and not the product designers, worth listening to:

  10. He just described virtually every aspect of modern life in that clip.

  11. How dare my character have customization options as I play it over the course of years!

  12. I made the mistake of logging off when I was on the bot t exiles reach on a new character and got stuck in a disconnected loop. The character had mail so I couldn’t even delete it. Used the untuck option and it ported the character to exiles reach. But I hadn’t done any quests on the boat so there were no quests on exiles reach. No hearthstone, and no mailbox to retrieve the mail to just delete the character. I had to wait two days for my ticket to be resolved. This was the fourth time I’ve had a stuck character in DF. It’s kinda crazy

  13. Mmmh Maby delete and restore will work? Idk what happens when you restore a Character...

  14. Dunno. I got lucky that it was a new character. Would be posed if it was my main.

  15. Your question is a bit abstract but I will chime in with what I think anyway.

  16. Oh This is a good way to describe it. Been playing since TBC off and on and resubbed a month ago after skipping SL. I’m at the point where it’s almost comfortable.

  17. Hey everybody! Get a load of this guy! Mr. I’ve-never-had-allergies-that-made-my-vestigial-eyelid-itch.

  18. Dude I feel you right now. For the last three weeks it’s just been like a weight in my chest. Some days are better then others. Some days are harder then others. After I started talking to my wife about how I was feeling I started to feel better. I’m in Portland so Vitamin D pills are a must, but I did stop taking them for about a year so seasonal depression is probably contributing to my overall malaise. I would definitely recommend ditching the booze. It’s a depressant. It’ll make things worse. Smoking weed when the kids go to sleep is my personal preference for self-medication. Hope this passes quickly for you bro.

  19. I pity you. You must have a very miserable crappy life if you think it's fine to kill a low level person when it gives you almost nothing for it. Maybe learn to be a man and deal with people your level. Kinda pathetic honestly. I hope you get ganked also while you are busy doing something so you can understand how annoying it must be to go trough that. I wish that wm would never give any experience so it would not force you to have to go trough that for the buffs. People should go in wm only bc they like the danger feel not bc it's more convenient. Maybe give other rewards benefitting wm and pvp instead of 20 % more experience which is a lot while leveling.

  20. You’re being downvoted but spoke nothing but truth.

  21. Wait, you had dinged 70 but assumed a leveling rogue was higher i-level than you?

  22. This is such a vocal portion of the community. “DoNt TuRn On WaRmOdE iF yOu DoNt WaNt To PvP!” But then they’ll go camp someone leveling an alt thirty levels under them. Like, ffs blizzard literally punishes you for not having on war mode. Of course people that don’t want world pvp are going to use it. How about, instead, just don’t be an asshole?

  23. I have a feeling it's supposed to be a physical representation of how he protects people? Looks like a bit of a rain shelter.

  24. Exactly. It shows how he protected pedophile priests who preyed on the most vulnerable members of their congregations.

  25. My top two without a doubt are Pearl Jam and Tool. Interesting considering how different they really are.

  26. Def Pearl Jam, and anything from Chris Cornell. Always and anytime. Third place depends on mood.

  27. Great article, but to me the real question is “ How were the 2.6M people missing from the labor force able to live sustainably without a job?” That’s the key question isn’t it? People primarily work (especially in low income jobs) in order to survive. If you can answer this question, perhaps you’ve got a clue as to what happened.

  28. I am a very able bodied, 37 yo man. I quit work in the summer of 2020 to be a stay at home dad when my second son was born. Money was tight at first but now that she’s had a couple of reviews/raises, and was recently promoted she’s making more then the both of us were before I quit. I am in absolutely no rush to get back into the workforce.

  29. It’s his/her audition to get kiffness to make a song from them.

  30. Why hasn’t this been converted to an upbeat Latin song?!?!

  31. I remember when Worgen first became playable I was SO EXCITED to go make pawprints in the sand. But they just made human footprints. I was so sad. I would check from time to time and it got weird.

  32. While I don’t share it I sympathize with your obsession, sad internet stranger.

  33. Also he was 17 at the time of the sinking and would have been 45 at the time of writing, so beautifully written though that was, it probably fits more aptly to his personal recollection and experience of the world than history itself. There were probably 45 year olds in 1912 with a very similar view of the "modern" world at the time and a similar newsworthy event in their own youth which they'd deem a moment of awakening for the world after which things became seemingly faster and less peaceful.

  34. I’m going to be 38 this year. I just caught myself yesterday wondering about the world my two young boys will be growing up in. The difference in the society I grew up in and what they will experience, and how it seems like so many kids these days don’t get to have what I would call a regular childhood. My boys of course don’t notice any of that. And I use these cynical musings to reinforce the notion that I, as their parent, can help shape their experiences, but I’ve definitely noticed a more pessimistic view of the world creeping into my perception as I age. It’s probably due to exposure to all the degenerates on Reddit.

  35. A large, red-tipped rocket. Resting between two large mounds. Aimed right at a gaping cavern.. totally not suggestive of anything.

  36. That’s why you don’t start playing paradox games until after you’re married

  37. I have no idea about the marvel version but the real Thor is said to have no weakness whatsoever and basically be completely immortal. Or so I remember from religion classes.

  38. I mean, Thor does die to to Jormungandr’s poison after he kills it during Ragnarok. If I remember correctly the only survivors are his children?

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