There are 5 temples in Kyoto, Japan, that have blood stained ceilings. The ceilings are made from the floorboards of Fushimi Castle where Torii Mototada and his remaining 380 samurai warriors killed themselves, in 1600, after a long hold-off against an army of 40,000 for 11 days [999x1432]

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  1. Istanbul (Not Constantinople), by They Might Be Giants?

  2. Uh, yeah, I'd like a link to this one if anyone has it.

  3. Do they lean to one side when they walk?

  4. Our spoo's breeder strongly recommended arranging a gastropexy at the same time as her spay. I'd never heard of it before and it sounded a little extreme to me, so at our dog's (her name is Opal, by the way) first vet appointment I asked the vet her opinion. She also recommended it. She said spoos were one of the breeds most likely to suffer bloat, and although there were steps we could take the reduce her chances of getting it (the same ones your vet mentioned) the best way to reduce her risk was with the tacking.

  5. I gave up on dioramas and dollhouses 30 years ago because I was gumby as all hell and not particularly creative, but I've been wanting to try again so in 2022 I gave book nooks a shot and loved them. I'm really just happy with myself for actually trying it. Usually with a new craft I'm the kind to buy supplies and then never find the time.

  6. It would be cool to have a pdf of this.

  7. They look interesting but I think the main focus was architecture and city designs of tomorrow, definitely pictures similar to the original post but to be clear not that lol. There was cities designed to float on the ocean that were like big glass pyramids.

  8. I am pretty sure there's a floating pyramid contained-city in the Usborne Book of the Future. That came out in the 70s and had a really similar art style to the image you've posted.

  9. I’m genuinely blown away u managed to guess that with such little description very well done mate

  10. No worries. I read and reread that book so many times as a kid that now every time I see something with a similar art style I immediately think of it. The second I saw your photo I made the connection. It's actually what got me into retrofuturism to begin with, and the floating pyramid city was easily my favourite prediction (after my precious pneumatic tubes).

  11. How are people so good at landscaping in these games? This is so freaking cute! I wish I had a fraction of the ability to create something this nice.

  12. I know right! I stuck the van across the path from my shit-tier farmer’s market and thought it looked pretty cute. Now I’m looking at this and realising I’m the creative equivalent of Ralph Wiggum 😂

  13. Mine is in an almost completely empty forest because I said I'd decorate but as soon as I removed 99% of the trees, I realized I had no creativity.

  14. Joke's on them though. You and I get to eat all the glue we want!

  15. Kelsey Grammer was 27 when he first appeared?!

  16. In years, yes. But Kelsey Grammar was actually already 43 when he was born, so it’s really only correct on a technicality.

  17. It might just be a weird font. The three header lines look like they say the names of Wards:

  18. For sure this. Under Tayseri Ward I can see “Presidium (something)”, “Museum of (something) History”, “Au?au School of the Arts”, and then right down the bottom “Tayseri Point.”

  19. Kind of depends on how you want to deal with it. Do you just want a plausible reason for the forest not catching fire for the sake of verisimilitude? Then the forest floor is too damp and the torch sputters out. I mean, think of how hard a campfire can be to light, even when you've got endless tinder and matches.

  20. That explains why Scrooge keeps trying to sell me fracking toasters.

  21. Yeah, who gives their kid a surname as a first name?

  22. Loads of people did back then. Up until the late 19th century it was fairly common to use the mother's maiden name as a child's given name as a way of keeping her family name alive, but they'd also happily take surnames from all over their family tree branches.

  23. I've been making, as an adult, this one brownie recipe for 15 years. I know the texture. It's MOSTLY butter, sugar and chocolate with a TINY BIT of flour. So when it comes out it's still very fudgy/underdone looking. But you need to let it sit and THEN cut it. Because the butter needs to come to room temp. This summer at 35 years old my mother told me I underbaked them. It never ends. You know better.

  24. My mother raves about my lasagne. Tells me it's the best she's ever had, brags about it to her friends, and repeatedly asks me how I make it so good.

  25. I'm the inattentive type, and I reckon I'm like a car with fresh tyres and a full tank of petrol, but the ignition is fucked and the gearbox is on its way out.

  26. Growing up my dad had this book that was like tales of the unknown or unsolved mysteries. I can’t remember what it was called but it was a big old book and it was filled with legends - some were obviously hoaxes/misunderstandings

  27. Dude, yes! My mum and I were only talking about that book the other day. She had that one and another similar one that was slightly older and smaller, and I read and reread them cover-to-cover so many times. They both had sections about the Faces of Belmez and the photos scared me so much that every time I read them I'd have to carefully turn just the edges of the pages in case those photos were on the next page, and whenever I laid the books aside for the night I used to stack more books on top of them to make sure they stayed closed and nothing could come out.

  28. I’ve never seen such a thing before! How big do they get?

  29. About the size of the cups in a patty pan. 2 1/2 inches, maybe 3 at the most. The smaller they are, the nicer they taste.

  30. I think it's clearly a suicide and I don't begrudge her friends for not wanting to appear in UM. The parents are in denial and seem like the kind of people to sue you

  31. Yeah, I’d be worried about having my words twisted to make me look like a killer, or that I’d be adding fuel to the fire that gets somebody else falsely accused.

  32. The sentence is correct but hard to make sense of because both their pronouns are "he."

  33. I really like that description, but doesn't it imply they already landed the blow? Meaning smite has been cast by then, and it's too late to choose not to smite?

  34. I actually think it would mean the opposite. The fact that you choose whether or not to smite after you’ve rolled to hit means it’s more like an after-effect rather than an additional effect that comes with the hit. I’m not sure I’m expressing that very well, but I think of it like shooting someone with a taser. Once the prongs hit (which is stabbing damage all on its own), then you can choose to buzz them for additional damage. Please note that I’ve never shot a taser in my life so this analogy may be way off from reality.

  35. On the subject of the taser, you’re essentially right. However you can’t choose to buzz them. Once it hits, it zaps. But nevertheless it was a good analogy 😁

  36. Good to know! I did have a feeling that might be the case but I couldn’t think of any other examples that weren’t totally ridiculous.

  37. Well if you can recall roughly where that road would be I’d be appreciative.

  38. Yeah, me too. All I recall is that I was somewhere close to the North Coast, the valley was smallish and on the Northern side of the road, and there was a sign for a hiking trail (and a man who looked sightly befuddled by me ugly-crying in the carpark). There may have been a river or creek at the bottom of the valley too, but I'm not sure.

  39. I appreciate you going way back into your memory and searching it out to find it, when I get myself a car again I’ll put that on the destination list.

  40. No worries at all. Honestly, if you hadn't asked me I don't think I would have ever found it. I'd tried so many times before, and it wasn't until I started listing those details for you that I thought to look at satellite images for the carpark.

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