1. I am in barcelona, Spain and I didn't face a single one of the cons you listed por europe. I got to see the doctor in about a month since asking and that was when it was still somewhat collepsed due to covid, got Hrt prescribed the same day, no tests and no gatekeeping. The avilability issues existed before I started (mostly covid's fault though), but they were solved by having estradiol valerate created here(I mean they make it for me, I go to the pharmacy and ask for it, they contact the labs and I have it in a couple of days) insted of using preexisting hormones created for other purposes that had to be imported an dcould have shortage issues.

  2. I'm in Castilla y León and I can tell you, the situation is much worse here than what you describe. I had to do real life experience as I had to wait for a GD diagnosis (approx 1 year). I had to attend a lot of pointless consults and fill out mental health questionnaires and have the veracity of what I was telling them questioned. Now I finally have access to treatment but compared to DIY HRT I was administering myself, it doesn't seem to be very good.

  3. No, I might soon but I have most of the indications of High E and Low T, I don't know how to get blood tests

  4. You have to go to private laboratory and ask them to give you a blood test for T and E and perhaps hepatic function, just in case.

  5. I just made this for dinner and while I couldn't get the mushrooms to caramelize, didn't have celery, used the wrong type of onion (yellow), and didn't have fresh garlic (used some cooked pieces from garlic bread, it still turned out delicious! Thank you! I normally really dislike cooking - my husband does most of the cooking - I wanted to make something and had bookmarked your recipe a while back. So glad I tried it tonight - it will go into the normal rotation from here on out!

  6. I really glad you enjoyed the recipe. Risotto is something I always used to order in restaurants as I used to think it was a pain in the neck to make but it turns out it's quite easy! Another thing I do when I can't be bothered stirring is to fry the mushrooms in the pan with the onions and celery, then add round rice and simply cover with stock with a little cream cheese mixed in and leave the rice to cook on a low heat, much like you would with a paella, until the rice is cooked. It's not as creamy but the flavour profile is the same.

  7. Alguien también ha pensado 'que empape' cuando echaba el aceite?

  8. Jjajjaaja a veces se pasan con el aceite pero no le ha echado mucho, vi una vez como le echaban casi un litro de aceite y si q lo pensé.

  9. Drinking culture in the UK. People somehow thinking that getting hammered is some sort of achievement. It's not.

  10. If you don't mind me saying, you do your age really well. You look GREAT!!

  11. I started on finasteride and noticed within two weeks softer skin and decreased body hair growth and density and maybe slight gynaecomastia. But nothing else. Dutasteride might be a better option for hair loss.

  12. Just out of interest, how long has it been since you came out? Just asking because for me socially transitioning was way harder than medically transitioning and if you are doing both at the same time, it might be a lot to deal with overall.

  13. I’ve socially transitioned already, now it’s all up to the HRT

  14. My therapist's advice when starting HRT was to take it easy, stay at home, don't force things and be kind to yourself which I consider to be good advice. You're going through a lot.

  15. Low quality stuff? Lots of inclusions or poor clarity, poor colour saturation etc.. Imagine a blue sapphire that looks white most of the time but isn't actually white but rather blue? You can pick these gems up fairly cheaply. As long as they allow light to pass through them, they are probably okay. Of course, there are also fake gemstones as well.

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