1. Mitchell’s in Kenwood. Best spa experience I’ve ever had.

  2. Portman has an automated response that says “I was chosen to represent my views not those of the people of the state of Ohio.” This has no chance of happening until after the midterms. This is the fifth time the house has passed the more act just for it to die in the senate. Only our chance of getting it passed is to vote for Tim Ryan for Senate come November. As JD Vance does not support marijuana legalization.

  3. Hell yeah I’m tired of the ones we have down here we have shit prices

  4. Galenas ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Went to Columbia care for the first time today and got my Salmon River og that everyone else hates LOL

  5. Superflux creamsiclez - Low terpene count but still has a pungent creamy citrus smell. Very relaxing and very dank buds. I got the smalls but the buds are decent sizes. 9/10 would definitely buy again.

  6. Ok I get that, but I’ve been smoking luster pods for 2 years. Why am I just now getting dark color coming out of my pods? Are they getting hotter? 😂

  7. Right! Same - never had an issue before and now it happens and people just say you don’t know what you’re doing? It’s not rocket science y’all - something is happening for sure.

  8. If you're not getting any vapor in 1-2 seconds, the only thing I can think to suggest is to pull harder.

  9. CO2 and LR have both actually had the black happen for me which is strange. It’s not horrid but it doesn’t taste great and I don’t feel like I’m being wild or anything 😂 So you do a hard pull for just a few seconds? My wife and I are both in the program and share sometimes so I’m wondering if it’s us passing it.

  10. Just 1 or 2. Never really realized how hard I pulled for a long time. But I definitely get a significant amount of vapor in those short pulls.

  11. So weird. Wonder if the seasons changing is making us worse now? I haven’t had lusters in the heat. Weird but who knows. Thanks so much for your tips. I see your same on here a lot and appreciate it!

  12. Never once have I gotten a humidity pack in any of my medicine.

  13. Can I ask what job you have that you can pick up two ounces of flower for $400+? I’m in the job hunt and I’d LOVE to be able to brag about this.

  14. I got a motorbreath luster today and it says Josh D on it and I was like who the fuck is that so thank y’all for this

  15. I didn't know Josh D could come as a luster pod so thank you! Definitely keeping my eye out for them. Do you like it better than the normal klutch luster or live resins?

  16. Not much different than the normal lusters maaaaybe a bit better taste??? I’ve been having issues with oxidation and half of mine tasted not great. Effects are pretty standard. If you enjoy live resin this is not that lol

  17. Verilife has taken care of same day exchanges for me before. I didn’t call I just went back up.

  18. I have. Not bad but not great either. Good if you need a cheap option since it’s better than nothin.

  19. I had a LR show up like this - the dispensary exchanged it for me because it looked so weird.

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