1. Yes she was a regular character, but she did leave after three seasons. I can think of worse characters than hers was.

  2. I lost count a long time ago. I knew I'd seen enough when I got to where I could talk along with the show, which drove everyone crazy so I cut that out lol. Now, sometimes I sit down and really watch it, but often, it's background noise while I do other things. Perfect because at this point, it's not like I'm going to miss anything! I will say this though - as many times as I've seen it, there's still the occasional rewatch when I see something I never noticed before.

  3. "That's a phrase I thought I'd never hear you say, ma'am." 😂😂😂😂😂

  4. I agree! But I think maybe JF got it right with this. He needed to show exactly what life would have been like for a gay man during that era. After that, I was glad that he went further and wrote some happiness into Thomas' story.

  5. what collection do i buy theres a bunch fo them and i dont understand the difference they all have the same tags

  6. Ok so, you would search online or ask in the store for "Downton Abbey full series" or "Downton Abbey seasons 1-6. Then you'd just buy the movies separately- just search them by name.

  7. The sex scenes. I get it, they're straight. Doesn't mean I think it's appropriate to just flaunt their sexuality in my face.

  8. Haha I see what you did there. Good point- how when people are uncomfortable with homosexuality, they say the same thing: "I get it. They're gay. Doesn't mean I think it's appropriate to just flaunt their sexuality in my face." But then you ruined it by coming back with a rhetorical and silly remark. Now you look just as petty as those who've said that in the past about gay TV/movies scenes and felt defensive as well as the people who just didn't get the point you were making. Just make the point and let it marinate.

  9. The Jesse and and Mike pick up scenes, I just found it boring and if I remember correctly it had little impact to anything

  10. True. It was necessary to show that Jesse's stock was rising with Gus, and that they wanted to test his loyalty and just learn more about him. But it was done in such a tedious way. I skip through most of it myself.

  11. I've watched from S1 E1 through the series and both movies more times than I can count. Sometimes I really watch, sometimes it's background noise, but it's on a lot! It's not just you lol

  12. Mistletoe is not actually a tree. It is a parasite that grows on trees.

  13. Yet you were lol. Yes I know, but it just seemed easier to make the point and not go into the scientific explanation of the tree and how mistletoe comes to be.

  14. Yes! Or should I say, I dare say! Lol I think I'll start using that one too:)

  15. He wouldn't have had as many stories to tell his grandkids for sure. Maybe not even grandkids bc he probably would've ended up in prison or dead. But it's a good question though, like thinking about what would've happened to Jesse had Walt never seen him that day when he did his ride along.

  16. Random thought but I wish we could see a woman that doesn't like sex in DA. It's a problem that was probably very widespread and I'd like to see how this kind of women could act

  17. Even Mary commented on them sleeping in the same bed and insinuated that it was somehow common or low-class. They really were a loving couple, but I am glad that JF wrote weaknesses into the characters as well, showing that even a happy marriage after a couple of decades takes work to keep it successful. It's something that is universal and crosses class divides as well.

  18. I agree! I love that character, and Kevin Doyle played it so well. It's no wonder his character has been continued throughout this franchise.

  19. I love both these characters and loved to hate them at times. Without them, the show wouldn't have been anywhere near what it was.

  20. I think they read more than people do today just because there's other entertainment and other mediums to get information. I think Mary probably read for amusement, to pass the time. I never considered her to be unintelligent, but neither did I think of her as well-read.

  21. This may be a weird answer but I’d go with the real Patrick. Based off reactions of the family when he dies and the memories shared reminiscing with the Probably Fake Patrick ™️ I’d like to have seen him. I guess that kinda counts as recurring but I couldn’t think of anyone else

  22. Except for the phone call in season 5, he called him Walter

  23. That fight in Jesse's house was pretty brutal but yeah, I do get your point. And even when it was a serious situation, it always made me laugh how, no matter how much of an asshole Walt was or how angry Jesse was, he still called him "Mr. White".

  24. I'm already laughing just thinking about Molesley and I don't even know which scene this is lol. Can anyone remind me?

  25. This is a world map; the trip from Downton to London would have been ‘just a jaunt’, relatively speaking.

  26. Oh! I was surprised to see the length of some of these trips, but you made it much clearer. Thank you!

  27. My pleasure! When I first looked at the image, I thought it was just of the UK, so I thought that might be what you were seeing too!

  28. Lily James is in high demand for a reason. She's an amazing actress, and she played Rose so well in DA! I enjoyed her performance and Rose as a character in general. Rose so easily could have been annoying, but Lily James played her as playful and modern and adventurous, but definitely not as an airhead.

  29. He is AWFUL. The second he overhears Anna talk to Mrs. Hughes about the r*** (even though they didn't say who at that point) he should have rushed to Anna and told her and started to let her heal - instead of putting her through that agony of "not letting Mr. Bates find out".

  30. Yes. And when he did go to her, the whole "you are made holier to me" thing was absolutely creepy.

  31. I agree. It’s always came across as insensitive, but that’s also because he’s not a skilled interrogator. Prison was an education for him, but not in everything. By this point I think he absolutely believes that Green attacked Anna and is looking for any kind of pretext of evidence so he can kill him and feel at peace about it. He’s just about as subtle as a lead pipe wrapped in cotton balls.

  32. Yes, I think that's spot on. And later in the same episode after I wrote this post and then unpaused the show, he asked Mr. Carson if he could go into York. That was the trip when he was contemplating going to London to find Green. I'd forgotten that had happened so soon after the conversation with Anna.

  33. Lol brilliant find! I'm sure they did do everything they could to maximize comfort given their clothing, especially the women with those corsets! They lucked out not getting one of those purist directors who insist on authenticity to a fault. As in, everything authentic down to undergarments that would never be seen to shoes from the actual date setting, etc. with the idea that the actors will be that much more in character.

  34. Vera wouldn't have died. Made an excellent villain, could have caused all kinds of drama and instead we had to watch a series of cringe worthy prison scenes.

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