Candace model leaked?

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  1. Are you after direction finding? AFAIK MultiPSK has ability to track HAM callsigns and plot them on the map (based on HaM Db not GPS) good luck figuring that one out.

  2. Hello. Can I ask how you were able to plot signal strength on the map? Thank you

  3. Thanks for the reply. I am talking about the end to end measure of signaling (video/audio/baseband/RF). Starting from the source like the studio (SDI), encoding, multiplexing, transmission, until it was being received on TV receivers. Either portable for finding faults or fixed for monitoring purposes. Meaning set of tools and measurements.

  4. No problem! Really, if you have a mobile network understanding and an understanding of tcp, I think getting a solid SDI understand is what you need next. I am not sure of the best spot for that. However, in a quick search this doc looks pretty good without get too too too technical

  5. It is worth noting that the structure of an SDI video frame is very much historical and is basically the same as an old school analog video frame with much the same timing (That was driven by the needs of an electromagnetically deflected electron beam in a CRT and the finite dI/dt in the deflection yoke).

  6. So is it correct to say that SDI does not follow the OSI Model and has its own structure or hierarchy?

  7. encoded digital signal (HD/SD) usually delivered through BNC type connector

  8. Can you try burgeon scaramouche? Scara+Nahida+Bennett+Xingqui?

  9. so its like Nilou's third normal attack during E stance?? that huge water blade

  10. New Nilou's artifact will go like brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..............

  11. maybe Signora's shield activated earlier than its graphic effects?

  12. So Nilou is the one triggering the blooms? So she must be the one who must be built on EM am I correct?

  13. Imagine him as the boss throwing players in the wind all over the battlefield be like

  14. so this will be the one who will be supporting Nilou?

  15. Cyno! Haven't read the manga yet sadly but I love his design--being another male character that shows skin and being the first male electro user since release!

  16. Candace be lovee... Im feeling right now...

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