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  1. Funny enough I ended up donating it to our neighboring school and they used it for their graduation. I wish it had been used at mine lol.

  2. I presume you signed and dated it somewhere, right?

  3. Have you ever made your own bacon or pastrami? You really should, and then bring some by for the neighbor

  4. Getting published is what grad school is for. I wouldn't worry too much about that point.

  5. Great question, it’s a bit of both. I’ll explain.

  6. Why do you think protein concentrates and isolates have BPA? Why do you think the purification process is harmful? What step in the purification process creates the problem?

  7. Glad someone else said that, because I was thinking it. Plus the phrase "whole, real foods" sounds like a weirdly nebulous thing for a doctor to recommend; and I'd expect most people who *did* get that advice to just step up the protein-containing elements of their diet (pulses or animal products or whatever).

  8. Fun fact: doctors get little to no training in dietetics. They, like most people, repeat what they hear. It’s usually decent advice, but it gets interpreted as having more credibility than it deserves.

  9. Ah ok. So it was a virus that got inserted, and then somehow turned out to affect trees?

  10. Nah, forget the trees. The virus I’m talking about is just another example of wasps etc. hacking other organisms

  11. Bose quiet comfort noise cancelling bluetooth headphones

  12. These don’t actually protect your hearing, but they do make the noise less worse

  13. Does anyone think they do? ANC has never been about protection

  14. Some people do, and an airplane is typically louder than 80 decibels, the level that usually calls for hearing protection

  15. Have you considered the food manufacturing industry?

  16. Adding an option 3: The registry itself can be kinda draconian at times, so there's always the possibility of something like a person who was put on the registry for sexting their underage boyfriend or girlfriend while also underage

  17. Sure, but if someone is 50 years old that presumably isn’t the case

  18. The above poster is correct that doing dumb shit in your teens can get you branded as a sex offender for life. Not true in all jurisdictions of course, but definitely true in some.

  19. Oh, of course- but I feel like this a rare exception

  20. So just to make sure I understand, 1% Methocel f50, 0.1% xanthan gum, and 0.001% locust bean gum?

  21. The Discworld books by Terry Pratchett have great depth but don’t always require a ton of reading skill to enjoy.

  22. I’ve never held a job outside of a kitchen. So it’s weird for me when I hear people talk about their jobs and in my mind for comparison I’m like… “I’d take that any day just to not hear the printer in my sleep!”

  23. Have you considered working for a food manufacturer? You could work in R&D as a technician or research chef

  24. I haven’t. But if you have info on that kind of thing, I can’t keep beating the hell out of my body like I have the past 20 years and I don’t know how to do anything else but cook. I’ve been stressed and worried about where to go next.

  25. Try CareersInFood and look for open positions there. If you can’t get anywhere, DM me and let me know

  26. Can you add the Illinois eagle? I always though that looked like the Mexican one

  27. You’ll move up and thrive that much better because you’ll be that much smarter and more experienced

  28. Yeah for some reason I kept forgetting that. Aiming for a 12% and then bottle carb and hoping it works. Just need to find out how much priming sugar but I have time

  29. Use a priming sugar calculator. There’s no mystery, just plug in the numbers.

  30. It will involve approximately 2-4 kilometers of hiking every day so a heavy cooler is out of the question.

  31. Instant mashed, dried potatoes au gratin, or dried hash browns would work.

  32. The temperature of steam is only one part of the equation. Since the temperature of what you are heating with the steam is less than the steam itself the change in temperature delta on the process side must be even greater.

  33. Yes, all the raw materials are probably also colder as well.

  34. That’s good news, then- in the evenings if you’re facing the street you aren’t facing the sun. What about a patio and seating area on the left near the stone wall with a little screen/trellis to filter the evening sun?

  35. Thank you. I’ve been looking on Amazon and see a ton of filter gasket replacements, but the funnel gasket replacements are nearly impossible to find, since Bialetti eliminated that piece in more recent pots. The funnel gasket is very thin, almost like a rubber band, and it fits around the funnel of older models. This is a second gasket, in addition to the more common filter gasket.

  36. Do you have calipers or another way of measuring what size gasket you need?

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