1. the things that i mentioned, cute laugh etc....

  2. I adopted my teen sister last year. My mother lost custody of her a few years ago then she went into the foster care system.

  3. The fact that i've seen that post earlier makes this all the much greater

  4. This is the second time you've referenced this post, I need to know what it is...please?


  6. I was shopping in Superdrug. An old man in a motorised wheelchair asked me if I could reach him down one of the toothbrushes on the top shelf that he was pointing to. So I did, and I smiled to him as I was turning away to carry on with my shopping, when he said "Thanks, love. You know, since I've been in this wheelchair, it's really affected my shoplifting". 😂

  7. I just listened to the english version for the first time and believe me when I say: While it sounds catchy, the german version sounds even better

  8. just listened to the German version, you're correct it's way better

  9. the fact that we have 7 days in a week

  10. Ghosts. I watched it and enjoyed it verily but i didnt know it was big enough that they made a US version

  11. Learn to not only love yourself in theory, but also in practice. Take care of your mind, body, soul, energy, time, and space. I know too many black women who overwork themselves to exhaustion in one way or another (I'm included in that number). I wish more black women were raised to put their own well being first.

  12. our coats can only be black, this is absolutely stupid as we dont wear coats indoors anyways. Another way that schools like to unnecessarily control ppl

  13. bios that say, "don't be boring" or "entertain me" this just says that they are an uninteresting person and will bring nothing to the conversation.

  14. £147 for turkey i saw on a uk sub once

  15. Victim blaming? Jesus Christ the internet sure is full of self righteous people. This lady is bringing children into the world with a douchebag. She obviously knows he's a douchebag because she's recording this dumb shit and saying hey everyone look at this douchebag. Really she's a fucking douchebag herself bringing children into her shitty situation. She's an adult and makes decisions every day and now her dumb ass decision is going to affect a child. So fuck off with your stupid putty party this lady is just as much a pos as her dude.

  16. the backrooms level 5636 - the infinite cinema

  17. Imagine the seats and screen stretching left and right to infinity, disappearing into a point in the distance.

  18. someone needs to write this down!!

  19. a former eastenders actress and her children were killed by her husband in my town

  20. your eyeshadow is gorgeous!!! of course you're on the right track

  21. i didn't expect sone ppl here to actually agree with this

  22. Why? Maths is fundamental to basically everything in life, and the current state of maths education is an absolute shambles.

  23. as an a-level maths student myself, i have to say it isn't for everyone.

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