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  1. I see Ben Askren is digging the ponytail after what Masivdal did to em.

  2. White Rocket from Roasters: Hi! It is Ghiradelli white chocolate syrup (about 1 pump, or 2tbps. Play around with quantity!) and Torani chocolate macadamia nut syrup (also 1 or 2tbps). Then fill about 8oz or so of it with half and half. That's all over a double shot of espresso.

  3. I work 60-70 hours a week for less. Fuck this, I'm moving to Norway to go to con-college

  4. Jokes on you, I've had better food in prison. Not only is the sex free, so is the health care.

  5. I love Iron Mike but he's got 1 punch to do it. He may land it, but he's basically fucked. When Jon gets ahold of em it's over.

  6. They were thinking tiger instantly. If you see people running like that here in America, I'm thinking active shooter.

  7. This looks bad anyway you slice it. I'm sure Brenda and wrinkz wouldn't intentionally mislead or blatantly lie to their "fans", just to try to make a buck or two.

  8. Just so we're all on the same page, when he says 4 beer a day, what he actually means in murdering a 12er and pissing all over the toilet seat.

  9. It's sad. But I remember being at the Portland Or card and everyone did the same thing to Randy. Highs are high and lows are low

  10. I'm sure you've got some compelling evidence internet stranger.

  11. I think you have that backwards. JBP talks about fathers more than mothers while Tate is quite fixated on women. Was Andrew Tate breastfed?

  12. I seen some of this in person in Greelee Colorado. Some of these hippies are out of there fucking minds.

  13. Rip to my back. I would trade a fiddle of gold for a back that strong

  14. This doesn’t answer why he waited so long after tickling our balls to tell us that he’s not gonna play with our shaft.

  15. If Dana can't keep this guy around it will be a fuckin travesty.

  16. Who else then? The zombie? Do you want him to further destroy Max’s brain? Who else

  17. Oh my God that was so fuckin smooth and effortless. Why would you ever fuck with a guy in a GI and black belt. Hopefully lesson learned

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