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  1. It was funnier when that one girl Monica played the president's flute

  2. That was the worst card I've seen in a while. All I can say is, at least it was that card.

  3. A good general rule could be, If you weren't there in person. Or didnt see if for yourself, maybe, just maybe, you dont know what you're talking about.

  4. Nah sounds about right. It's just a dislocation, not any major breakage. ER visit and Imaging fees plus some pain killers, no surgery required.

  5. What's the point of being a zillionaire if you dont do zillionaire shit. Mark Zuckerberg is trying to become Batman for sure now. Someone keep a close eye on em

  6. Downfall for grapplers is when they fall in love with the strikes.

  7. Agreed. Hopefully Bo continues to use his wrestling in conjunction with his striking. GSP showed the blueprint for that. Bo presents some massive problems everyone he fights has to deal with. If he decides to take you down while your committed to a strike, you're kinda fucked. Not only taken down, but submissions are coming too. And if he decides to throw a strike while you're expecting a takedown, apparently he can drop you now. Interesting problems to contend with. Definitely not ready for Izzy yet, Cejudo is drinking his own cool aid.

  8. 1000 is fare even with the butchered frame. Make sure it runs correctly before buying it though. Have him take you to a range and put it to the test. If it passes with flying colors then buy it

  9. I put a sig romeo on my micro roni 😂😂 i like to cover all my bases

  10. Ever? In rankings, where is DC vs Jon Jones or DC vs Dan Henderson? GSP vs Matt Hughes?

  11. He has easily one of the greatest highlights reels ever made. Insane speed and power, coupled with a zero fucks given. The guy was a fucking killer, a scary, scary dude. His kickboxing was legendary. Hats off to Melvin, truly a man on his own. No fighter even slightly reminds me of him.

  12. Any scenario where he lands a big punch and the answer yes. But DC would have been a tough fight and obviously Stipe has a decent chance.

  13. High reward, high profile, low risk of affecting his ranking and his stock will rise just if he shows up, and a title shot for winning.

  14. The risk is being permanently damaged and having your career derailed. He has alot to lose actually. To lose your potential is the worst thing to lose

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