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  1. Thank you, she's an absolutely adorable bean. Funny thing, she's gluten intolerant so I got her an ironic loaf of bread squishmallow and she loves it 🤣

  2. Platonic sleep cuddling is pretty serious, it either means she's really good at hiding her feelings for you or thinks nothing more of you than a sibling. Stay safe homie

  3. MDM4U is a loose cannon, it's different from the math you learn in Functions, so you either excel or suck at it. I took in this past year, and after all my struggles I ended with a 96. It definitely was the most nerve-wracking and time-consuming course I took in Gr 11.

  4. i’ve BEEN thinking abt school 😭😭 and yes i’m excited to go back, i hate not having a routine. summers are boring when you only have 2 close friends and 1 of them is away the whole summer 🤕

  5. I ended off Gr 11 and summer school with a 95.3, although I utterly screwed up one of my courses (which was a 4U) with an 86.

  6. Yea f. It’s so true time passes faster as you grow up

  7. You’re going into grade 12 this upcoming year? Im pretty sure they reverted it to 40 hours. If you really want the scholarship go for it, but otherwise you’ll do fine without it as-long as you have good grades

  8. Yup. I heard otherwise that they're reverting back to 40, but I have more than that too, so I'm covered.

  9. Neither is "easier", achieving 95%+ in English is already hard as it is, you need a good teacher, and a decent amount of luck.

  10. For Business, this is a pretty good balance between mark boosters and possible pre-reqs!

  11. Well I didnt even have this guys name for months, but it was my cousin who literally found his entire family tree for me in a day😭 anyways was what I did creepy or wrong? I wanna hear others opinions

  12. Your cousin* seems perfect for digital forensics. Also, damn that's a true blue cousin.

  13. Yeah ig everyone does kinda stalk their crushs insta and I just got a little too curious when discovering their family members on accident. Just feeling guilty abt it inside.

  14. Honestly, there isn't much to feel guilty about. Social media is on the internet for everyone to see, it wasn't like you hacked into their computer and scrolled through their search history.

  15. You may want to tell us where you want to go, this is not enough information for people to help you

  16. I'm down, this subreddit is the only place I can find like-minded people that care about academics, all my irl peers are clowns

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