1. just imagine some women can pay and have their pregnancy end in 3 months instead of 9

  2. lol I think the situation right now can be called an "event"

  3. Thank god we get roe w wade back on Sunday night at 8pm 😩🙌

  4. Take the west campus bus. You won’t be able to walk far in the cold winter months

  5. Idk man those Alpha Male™ bros who wear shorts when it's 10° seem to always be fine

  6. I moved house 6 months ago, from a 3 bedroom to a 1 bed. I threw out an absolute ton of stuff and started from scratch almost. Best thing ever! I also have a 1 in, 1 out plan, so I never end up cluttered.

  7. Do you live in a tiny house??? I've always wanted one of those.

  8. It's not a Tiny House, like those cute little places you see online (I'd love one of them too!) It's simply a much smaller space.

  9. Hey I mean any house is a w in this economy 💀 I'll probably never be able to buy one

  10. I've heard that people out west call them potato bugs and I was super confused because I've always called

  11. My brother always did this it was so fucking annoying 😭

  12. Inflation is terrible. But you can blame corporate greed over presidents.

  13. I feel like conservatives hate a lot of the same things we hate but they just blame the wrong shit for it

  14. not sure how the pleco lived to get that big

  15. Damn I actually do not care what the founders wanted 💀 imma separate it anyway 😩🙌

  16. If you shot someone 60 times, do you think you'd be free to go, or do you think you'd be arrested until indictment/arraignment/trial?

  17. That's what I'm saying like damn you can't just keep people like that out in public until you figure out what happened

  18. Okay but why should their beliefs control all of our lives? Atheists aren't pushing to ban church or anything. This is a 1 sided attack.

  19. This is a religious issue. It's evangelical Christians who are pushing this on us all.

  20. They think the father was pushing this poor baby around in a stroller after she was already dead in order to set himself with an alibi. For this and many more reasons he is a sick prick that should be hung from his toes until dead.

  21. I'm right there with you, man. I've found that it helps to find a hobby you really like to pass the time. I'm hoping it gets me to when I eventually do find a good relationship.

  22. That's the hard part for people in areas with few stops: need Wayspots to level up, but have to level up to submit Wayspots.

  23. Sorry, I didn't consider having to be level 40 to submit. Best of luck to you.

  24. It's 38 now which is better, but still takes at least a couple months to get to from level 1.

  25. It's hard because a lot of suburban areas are totally dead. I'm fortunate to have a park half a mile away that I walk to each day and there's some stops in there, but most neighborhoods just have houses and it's all private property so none of it can be nominated.

  26. A good breeder is probably gonna be a minimum of $1,000 these days with how bad inflation has gotten. I'm assuming they have to raise their prices to support themselves. A few years ago, 8 or 9 hundred would have been the minimum.

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