Shireen Abu Akleh: Israeli forces kill Al Jazeera journalist

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  1. He says in Russian "Seems like they nicked/hit me" as he leaves the gun and goes back down into the vehicle.

  2. Waiting for the Starliner.. I hope my grandchildren will get to fly it one day

  3. Are you and all the survivors at the gates already just waiting for the killer to show up? it might be annoying then, some killers hate having to go to the gate just to see the survivors out, it's a waste of time, some survivors start tbagging the killer if they did a poor job, so killers might not even bother going there and just go break doors/pallets they missed, some might go there to hurry up the survivors the fk out because they just want to queue into another match.

  4. had an injured Leon run into my face while I was chasing some other survivor who I haven't hooked once yet, I was trying to get my 4th BBQ stack and he just comes flying out of no-where into me, body blocking so I obviously hit and down him, pick him and got DS'd.

  5. Yeah I know what you mean. Idk that in that situation I would throw the match but if I get into a situation where I chase a survivor for maybe 1 Gen at the end of the game and I already know I'm gonna lose and they start pointing, and clicking, and tbagging then that person isn't getting to the gate, idc if only get the one kill, they're dead.

  6. I think just the fact that he did it to stop me from hooking someone who hasn't been hooked even once was what irked me about it, it's like bruh, they have 2 hooks to give, they're fine, they're not dead hook why are you doing this?

  7. Wesker better have a lot of shit talking voice lines for everything he does, heck i'd be fine if he just rambled about humanity the entire match, his voice is too much fun to listen to.

  8. shoutout to my cultured nemesis home bros who use Iron Grasp for lore accuracy!

  9. The only buff he needs is the ability to scream STAAAARS by pressing a button while chasing someone

  10. Lets just say if I decided to play Nemesis and I happen to see a Jill in the lobby, I'm equipping my green mori.

  11. Really hoping that the next Intifada is victorious and palestinians can be free of cynical fascists like you.

  12. Ah yes wishing death upon people online

  13. you have to be aware of the origins of Israel as a colonial settler state or the expulsion of Palestinians from their homes to this very day? Does the Nakba ring any bells?

  14. What does that have to do with the topic at hand?

  15. Why did he think it was a good idea to even go to the Knesset to talk to begin with, especially after the whole "Hitler had Jewish blood" fiasco??

  16. As others have stated, Iron Dome is not really designed for what's happening in Ukraine, and would require significant investment and training to deploy, including related radar systems and equipment, and that's before the risk of losing highly-classified technology to the Russian. Israel actually employs multiple multi-layer anti-ballistic systems.

  17. What is even going on at this point???

  18. Looks like I upset some apartheid supporters

  19. I don't know about others but I live in Israel, and saying what you said seemed to me like you saying I and everyone I love should die.

  20. Bruh.. the Russian's were literally helping all of Israel's enemies to destroy it, even go as far as sending its own pilots to fight Israeli IAF pilots.

  21. Damn prick probably realized Israel was close to supply SPIKE missiles to blow up his ragtag group of rapists he calls an army.

  22. What kind of idiots hold parades during a war, especially inside the conflict zone the war is going on at???

  23. It looks like you shared an AMP link. These should load faster, but AMP is controversial because of

  24. So palestinians want to be seen as ukraine in this situation yet they meet with russia the oppressor? Are they now going to say that hitler was a jew just cuz russia said it so itll justify how russia is now the victim? Im confused.

  25. Russia having talks with a literal terrorist organization that believes in martyrdom, that it's worth to die just to kill a single Jew or Israeli, the kind of organization that would happily cut off people's heads on live TV if they ever won a war against Israel, the kind of people who train their own to go to places like a bar and shoot people there at random, sometimes the people who get hurt or killed aren't even Israeli or Jewish, recently 2 Ukrainians died from a terror attack, a Russian security guard and a Christian Arab.

  26. Also the next battlepass will start immediately after this one ends.

  27. Good to know, ill wait for that one then!

  28. Depends on the stage you are now. If you've finished one chapter and buy it with gold, that's solid value imo.

  29. Possible they might start supplying Hamas due to the recent heat up between Russia and Israel?

  30. I remember, they were so worried about nerve agents that I seem to recall hearing there were a number of people who required treatment for injecting themselves with the antidote prematurely. Probably more of those than actual casualties from any nerve agent.

  31. Yes, there was a big scare, people pre-injected themselves with the antidote because they heard a loud bang outside and thought a chemical missile dropped, I remember I was in like 2nd or 3rd grade and I had to go with a gas mask to school like everyone else, I was too young to really understand the full picture since I don't remember really being in panic, I just remember it was annoying to walk around everywhere with the gas mask box.

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