1. Why would anyone want to give away such a card?? Is this some flex?

  2. TikTok general seems upset, someone should give him some calming pills and roll him back to his room, and take away his phone please.

  3. Did people not read the freaking article? I see people bitching about Israel not helping and torpedoing every deal when in fact this article itself literally states and I quote

  4. As an Israeli it might be foolish to say this, but I'm somewhat hopeful Putler does something incredibly stupid and lashes out politically at Israel, coupled with this report:

  5. יכל להיות מעניין אם הרוסים היו פוגעים בחסידים באומן עם מזלט אירני.

  6. היה בלגן שלם אם זה היה קורה

  7. not gonna lie the david begging handstand leg up move is quite something

  8. This is a copy - paste from a comment I made on

  9. I'm just a guy dude, not Israel's gov representative.

  10. I suppose these wounded Ukrainians soldiers are required to be Jews.

  11. No, but only Ukrainian soldiers who lost limbs get the flight to Israel due to Israeli prosthesis tech atm.

  12. I presume by this you mean the Israeli government is "scared" of Russia?

  13. in effect yes, Israel doesn't want to strain its current relations with Russia, which personally pisses me off, Putler imo is an international terrorist at this point and the fact that my country refuses to cut ties with him makes me upset.

  14. Seriously upset with our decision makers, why the fuck are they so worried about putler and his gang of leg sniffers, his piece of shit army is a sham just like the referendums going on in occupied Ukraine right now.

  15. We're going to end up on the wrong side of history with this rope walking neutrality.

  16. Incredibly close poll, surprised Becca even managed to almost beat Lucy while being a side character that gets gumba stomped.

  17. I didn't think it was going to happen but team becca actually pulling ahead!

  18. Guys just let him believe David is alive but gained the power to breath in space

  19. Looks like Russia learned something from the visits of Hamas leaders.

  20. Sounds like you're the uneducated one. I seriously suggest you do some reading into this if you honestly believe nothing wrong is happening in Israel.

  21. as an Israeli I wish my country would do more to support Ukraine, I know there's supposedly some intelligence cooperation going on according to this piece

  22. I believe the idea was that Germany installs the system with the launcher and rockets and bordering countries purchase radars and install them in their territory, so the system can protect multiple countries, if I'm not mistaken Lapid answered one question, suggesting that there are talks with other European countries regarding the system.

  23. Do we know which countries attended for fifth meeting? is it all the same ones from the first meeting? wiki has a list for that.

  24. Israel and Syria are already in war, been for years, both never signed a peace agreement.

  25. Sounds really similar to what Russia said about Ukraine.....

  26. Didn't know Ukraine was a staging ground for terrorists and Iran proxies, got any source for that?

  27. Russia has been pushing propaganda into maximum overdrive, I'm watching channel 1 and every 5 minutes they bring up how Ukraine is scared the IAEA will get to the plant and find out its Ukraine who shelled the power plant and how they are so scared they sent a 60 man commando assault with boats which is so fukin stupid and bonkers, who believes that??

  28. On TV they try to make it look like the place is filled with people daily, everyday it's the same old looking people, I won't be surprised if most are actors.

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