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  1. play solo and you will not have this problem ever.

  2. oh yeah lets praise the guys who sold an early access at full price without even telling you it was an early access while sending out fake trailer after fake trailer... seriously how these scammers became "the good guys" in the eyes of gamers.

  3. lol ppl still calling campers everyone that dont run into a line of fire and jump like an epileptic monkey 40 cm from the enemy?

  4. bruh i did not play the game at the time but this look so much better.

  5. oh pls no this IP already has like 5 games, something new would be better.

  6. Casual bribery might be pervasive in the global south. Cops in Peru often pull people over with the expectation of getting a bribe.

  7. india is not south of the equator tho.

  8. Australia is south of the equator but not part of the global south

  9. so this global south definition is something totally disconnected from reality, got it.

  10. i had never once in my life experience the uncanny valley effect.... until i saw the second picture here, take that as a compliment.

  11. they should put this sign outside abortion clinics.

  12. "feed him"? you mean that the big masculine man need to be fed?

  13. Imagine having the arrogance to go after someone using something from their own holy scriptures.

  14. thailand is not sending conscripts to war, the monk will only go through base training, yes not ideal but far from the tragedy he is making it out to be.

  15. well it is not like thailand is currently sending conscripts to war, the monk will have to go through 2 years of training and then walk off free, yes not ideal but far from the tragedy the monk is making it out to be.

  16. these looks like normal ass condos, they even seem to be well maintained.

  17. what is urban hell about this? this look like a fairly ordinary street of any big city.

  18. more exclusively solo modes, i really hate playing in a team but apart from solo battle royale all other mode basically require you to be dependent on other players or have an unfair fight.

  19. Turn on squad fill, maybe make some friends along the way!

  20. i find playing with ppl rather than against ppl to be unenjoyable.

  21. That’s fair, unfortunately I don’t think you’re really gonna be able to enjoy the zombie event.

  22. When I said I was not aware of the "history" of lies I was NOT being facetious. I literally was unaware.

  23. anything that is not 100% the truth is a lie, gross overstatements with the expressed purpose to deceive the userbase should not be condoned.

  24. That is an incredibly binary way to view the world. I hope one day you realize things are more grey in actuality.

  25. why should i condone this kind of grey if it exist for the clear purpose of deceiving me with half truths and "technically the truth", i would 100% prefer any company to either say the truth or not speak at all.

  26. im not american, your actions in the middle east while maybe making gas cheaper for americans ( doubtfully, as you also have domestic oil fields to thank) make gas prices skyrocket for everyone else.

  27. Good, should go make your own militaries instead of relying on ours, u get what u get.

  28. no thank you, we value human life over crude oils differently than some other barbarians out there we will not invade anyone to make our corporations richer.

  29. lol these are the same ppl who complain all day about not finding a partner and how women only want megachads when they themselves have such ridiculously high standards.

  30. in stellaris you can go fanatic pacifist/egalitarian and try to never go to war with other civs and only go to war with the endgame crisis.

  31. gg on taking away what little rest your hard working parent, who already provide for you, had anon.

  32. In South Korea most people live high rise. The apartments are well looked after and because density is high it's easy to access local amenities and public transport within a few minutes' walk. It's more efficient to heat and cool and the views make up for elevator time.

  33. not to talk about that too many detached houses with garden create a suburbia which is a urban hell of its own.

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