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  1. I want a melee caster too. If for no reason beyond that we don't really have one. Red Mage almost but the mage part is range and the fencing part is the melee so it's not really what I desire when I say a Melee Caster.

  2. I would expect something would be done to help with casting time. Like with redmage, play it right and everything is nearly instant cast

  3. And do you believe in Eorzea?

  4. was it here that we used to be able to make him pause awkwardly by picking a somewhat negative response? I seem to remember here and where he says something about the 12 being primals. but my fc mate says it was just at the primals point.

  5. reminds me of when we still had dialogue options for this. I would always pick "Myself". (I think it was Eorzea, my Friends or Myself) XD

  6. Mmo streaming is usually only successful if you already have a fan base to interact with, since so much of an mmo is busy work or waiting, unless you are doing msq or have a prepare party.

  7. Bertie has a lower Er and a sharp tuh while Birdie has a soft ird that just squishes together. So they sound different for me.

  8. I noticed that! I really thought it was so neat to match Light wardens to the characters and their relationships.

  9. that's the meteor! it wish I looked a better, but I like the idea of having a meteor core as a ghost.

  10. This is racism, discrimination, and homophobia, something that is not accepted in our community and I hope that the moderates will delete the post as soon as possible.

  11. whelp. that's terrifying. they ever blink? because I have never seen it.

  12. One should have a name like Greg. or Dan. But just one puppet. the rest should have fancier names.

  13. The story and characters. Although it is frustrating at times when the game ignores its own lore, overall it's a wonderful journey. (except for stormblood. that was mostly trash.)

  14. That's still being studied. They don't have a brain and cannot think, but they do have ganglia. They can react to some stimuli but not all that would be expected for sentient life forms. Unlike lobsters or squid where it is abundantly clear that they understand pain. Reading the studies are super interesting, dry, but interesting.

  15. I kinda love that lol. I wonder if it interferes with begging for someone's life.

  16. Sorry forgot how to do spoiler code on Reddit. Whoops. Fixed it though.

  17. meanwhile, i’m on my fifth 100 baby challenge🤣

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