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  1. You’re comparing a L1 transaction to an L2, of course Metamask’s gas will be higher. It’s disingenuous to not compare MM on a L2 to GameStop on an L2

  2. It's like that moment when your investments start earning more money than you do at your day job except your day job is being attacked by 300lb men.

  3. Looks like the game sold out in less than an hour, I just went on to try and buy some!

  4. How do you do that? Does it work for other news articles too?

  5. Yeah just go to and plug in any paywalled URL. It usually works, every once in a while it can’t get past a wall

  6. It’s not that appropriate but everyone in these comments needs to pull their sticks out of their racist asses with their coded language.

  7. At least we get to root for him in the playoffs. Bandwagon Bulls fan!

  8. Both the mono black and mono white decks are beyond stale at this point. Those two and the enchantment deck is all there is to play on Arena.

  9. Have a link to the mono black deck? I haven't encountered that many mono blacks in standard, maybe I'm just missing them

  10. Knowing that Jada has alopecia makes the whole situation make way more sense.

  11. Duke/UNC fans, how do you feel about the final four match up?

  12. Can someone explain how that works? How did another jury even get together to discuss it?

  13. another complaint was filed in someone else's jurisdiction

  14. NYT did a really good easy time read but in depth explainer on crypto in general a couple days ago and it includes a section on NFTs

  15. I don't follow the Rams too closely but seems like either one of Woods or Jefferson will likely be on the trading block?

  16. I really hope Rams don’t trade him because he was crucial to McVay’s WR blocking schemes

  17. Which one? I know Woods is a good blocker but from the limited games I saw it didn't seem like Jefferson was bad in that aspect either.

  18. I'd be ok with that at this point.

  19. Same. Matt is getting old, baker is a good foundation for rebuild

  20. I know it's smart management, but it's crazy how well they get away with it every year

  21. It also very much depends on hitting a lot of your late round draft picks, which the Rams have been very consistent at in the last few years, thank god.

  22. Oooooooooh. Means they're probably going edge or receiver at 8 then.

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