Cafe I went to in Indianapolis is a no-tipping establishment

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  1. I have parameters defined that determine the angle and depth of the V-shaped cuts, but I have to make a new sketch of the same engraver on a "plane on path" for every engraving.

  2. Are you going to machine this or 3D print it? If the former, and using a V-bit, you don’t need to model the engraving cavity.

  3. I plan on machining the groves with a V shaped bit, but I'd like to see what they will look like after they're cut.

  4. I went to a place recently where they said they were a "no tipping establishment" and automatically added 20% to the bill. I thought the whole point was to add that cost into the price of the items on the menu so a tip wasn't required... Not pick the amount of tip for you.

  5. The Esp8266 is a great device for that. The esp32 is great too. Both you can buy and program them straight out of the box. There also is software called esphome that you program onto the device which makes it really easy to add sensors or control pins that you would be able to control with a home automation system or an app. It does all of the programming work for you and you just have to define a config file to tell it which analog pin and digital pins you want to read from or control.

  6. What's the frequency of the trains? I was thinking of making one like that for me, but figured that in Zone 2 London it's not worth it.

  7. That's a good question- I wonder what the cutoff would be for this being useful. Around me they come about every 10-20 minutes.

  8. Did you do all the light effects yourself? I have a 1200 count led strip on my Xmas tree and I'm always looking for new light effect ideas

  9. All of the effects I used are actually from WLED. It's great software and they have a demonstration of all the effects here:

  10. For whatever reason, it seems like these are super hard to find. The Amazon dash buttons were cool, but they don't seem to make them anymore.

  11. Your setup looks good in general (good call on the logic level shifter), but it looks like you need to connect two more wires. One to the LV pin on the logic lever shifter from 3.3V, and one to the HV pin on the logic level shifter from 5V. Other than that, you should be good to go!

  12. ESPs are awesome! Bluetooth and wifi! I wonder how common they will be for smart home technology in the next few years.

  13. It is very cool- if I had to do more than a few in a row, this would be the way to do it.

  14. Yeah. That's cool you get to work with so many different ones! I'm pretty new to designing PCBs so I look forward to the point where I have a bunch. I will have to figure something else out by then. This jig takes up a lot of space.

  15. How does that work? Does the programmer auto-run upon contact? That's super cool!

  16. Thank you! It was really fun to make. And right now I don't have it set up to program on contact. The LED flashing is the program that's already on the board. When the board gets power from the connector it starts running.

  17. That is awesome! It looks just like it does in the show.

  18. I was looking into getting some parts made a while ago and I found a place called Protolabs that has a really nice online estimator that you can use to price parts without having to talk to anyone.

  19. I would also love to see a solution. Is this a normal thing to do?

  20. Is there no difference in cost based on size? I can't seem to find any pricing info based on size.

  21. Hi shake-n-bake! There's no difference in price! As long as the shade is smaller than the 72 inch max, they're all the same.

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