1. Although I agree that the bonuses should still be given to associates, I don't think many companies pay as well as Publix. Benefits are hard to beat IMO.

  2. A lot of companies pay better than Publix starting out.

  3. Not as hard as I’m about to make Dizzy’s life though.. got him last time I forgot to go searching and autofill my life into a hole because now this abomination roams my island stomping away my flowers and breaking my houses windows with rocks he steals from my garden. 🧀All while laughing chanting his name while making crude faces at my now mortified Gyroids. Birds got it easy compared to the hell Dizzy has sought🧀🤪 I’m taking away his mailbox… I’ve convinced Nook to sublease his house to a trash can. Sorry that was a rant but I genuinely didn’t expect the animal crossing replicant of a turd to show up ..

  4. My manager got mad at everyone else because her scores were terrible. You’d think she’d ask herself why they’re like that.

  5. Immediate termination is all an employee is getting if this doesn’t get compacted

  6. Confirmed. I had a coworker go to the bone barrel at night (meat ends can in the meat department that the deli dumps their old chicken into) and she ate a piece of chicken because she didn’t have any money to eat all week. They fired her. She didn’t even tell me or my friend that she was in that situation. The person who ratted her out was on everyone’s shit list.

  7. I'm previous management with another company. I was told once by a store manager I liked and trusted that if stores gave their employees free food from what had expired, sales would drop. Employee purchases make up a decent percentage of a stores sales. When they give free food to employees working at warehouses or production facilities, those places have no way of charging for food since they aren't retail. That's the difference. Not saying I agree, but at least that explanation makes sense.

  8. I work at Starbucks as a second job and we get 3 free drinks per shift and 7 free food items (no matter the price) per week. And a free bag of coffee. Publix is just cheap.

  9. Had an interview with the Deli plant in Lakeland, he told me we start at 5am and the shift is until 1pm but he told me expect normal hours to be 10+ hour days, every day..

  10. I’d be ok with that. If you work there, please don’t bit her the sub kits that we get in lol they just plop them on there now and we have to fix them 💀

  11. Tell me you never worked in the kitchen without telling me you work on the kitchen. It takes almost 20 minutes of hustling to make 6 mix and they can be gone before they even come out of the fryer. And don’t forget all of the orders they get, sides, wings, wedges, random ass fish that isn’t in the case, and the chicken sandwiches. Cut them some slack and get the food somewhere else if it’s that’s bad and it happens “all of the time.”

  12. Cut them some slack? I think I have.... I could be a Karen, ask to speak to the manager, ask for the DM's phone number etc... But I decided to ask a simple question in an anonymous way without even mentioning which stores I'm talking about.

  13. Complaining on social media isn’t really cutting slack.

  14. Manager: If you've got time to make Shrek out of limes in the potato section, you're not managing your goddamned time here. You should be checking your dates! HAVE YOU BEEN PULLING YOUR SHRINKAGES PROPERLY? FRONTING PRODUCT? YOU'VE MIXED THE FRUITS IN WITH THE VEGETABLES? HAVE YOU EVEN CHECKED ON THE BLOCKING?!

  15. Well we aren't fast food and good things take time. Half the reason a pubsub is good is because it's well constructed. The other half is quality ingredients. :)

  16. It shouldn’t take 10 minutes to make any sub. I’ve seen people take that long to make them because they’re going at a snails pace, and the sub still look average. Publix subs aren’t that great lol

  17. The older it is the harder it gets. Deli gets two batches of rolls a day.

  18. The second batch is always hard as soon as it cools. I’m not positive but it feels like they have to do a “quick proof”, which makes a nasty crust on the bread.

  19. She’ll feel the regret of this evening in her surgically repaired hip for the rest of her life

  20. Her bank account might make her feel better tbh. I mean she deserved to eat some ground but idk about a body slam lol

  21. I’d have to quit my second job so no lol

  22. It’s a decent job IF you are full time. Maybe the part time to full time thing was a good thing in the past but it’s harder to justify in this job market.

  23. As a full timer for almost 7 years, it still sucks lol

  24. Thank you! It’s emotionally draining and I developed anxiety from it but I guess it’s worth it lol

  25. Mine did tacos and I didn’t go lol I don’t want to be there if I’m off 🤷🏻‍♀️

  26. I bet if it was your child they wouldn't have given you shit.. like I've heard managers saying "can't someone else take them?. Why does it have to be you??.." like I get it, you don't wanna be short.. but at the same time show some fucking compassion and understanding

  27. They wouldn’t have even been short. I had someone that could have covered it.

  28. You don’t have anything to worry about then. As a former Deli manager of 15 yrs any full timer that wanted to close every shift was always welcomed to it. Having a set schedule like yours is never a problem and actually you are doing them a favor including the rest of the full time staff.

  29. Well that makes me feel a little better. Lol thank you

  30. I love the bee cake so much 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  31. When I go to Walmart to shop, my bf and I sometimes put one in some random persons cart and watch to see if they notice. Juvenile? Perhaps. Funny? Probably not but we get a kick out of it lol

  32. It can be by the pound. That associate was probably just misinformed

  33. Same. I just found out my assistant is trying to screw someone in my department (and I’m pretty sure he’s the only reason she got FT). He refuses to suspend her even when the store manager tells her to. And he sells her pot. I love my store. 🙂

  34. I have one more set of tickets to give away!

  35. I work 4:30-1 at Starbucks, then 1:30-10 in the deli 🙂🤌🏻

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