1. I always felt that when david was playing evil he was playing john Travolta in his evil roles Idk if any knows what I mean but think face off and broken arrow

  2. Oh shit yeah. He had a very John Travolta being Nick cage in faceoff vibe.

  3. I don't have a Dad but I spent a lot of time with my Papa. My favorite thing was he didn't stop me from doing things just because I was a girl. I have so many pictures of us in the garage at the work bench or under the car. Took me fishing and taught me to enjoy the outdoors.

  4. She is cute but also looks like she is about to ask for the manager.

  5. I’ve seen the concept brought up on here several times that slayers should be paid. If anyone can figure out how that’s going to happen, it’s going to be Buffy.

  6. In the comics Buffy and a group of other slayers rob a swiss bank.

  7. "maybe oil can be involved" and then she kind of imagines it lol

  8. Nope. But the autistic kid had a fight with another kid like 5 months ago and someone recorded the fight. The mom saw the fight on instagram and she called the school and they put the video on the local news. The autistic kid got suspended for like 4 days.

  9. Dude I'm not a Karen but if someone was messing with my kid who is around your age I would go full Mama bear. Get your adults involved.

  10. Lol when I tell people I don't like cops and they say "well who are you gonna call if you get robbed?" (for some reason that's always the go to)

  11. I got home invaded and called the cops. When they came they put me and my husband on the ground and wouldn't let me back inside to comfort my kids.

  12. Seriously, there is a menu for a reason. I never understood why people think it's okay to go to restaurants and order like it's just a list of ingredients.

  13. How hard is it to just order a meal with a few things on the side and assemble a waffle sandwich on your own?

  14. Kit Harrington/Jon Snow is also distantly related to both King James I and the man who planned to blow him up

  15. His wife Rose Leslie is also related to King James.

  16. Not just the British, but European ruling class as a whole.

  17. They were all related after some point in some way.

  18. Queen Victoria was nicknamed the "Grandmother of Europe" for this very reason lol

  19. Yeah she was like everyone who was in WW1s grandma? So it was basically a whole bunch of cousins fighting.

  20. Don’t tell me to source this but I heard a long time ago by a doctor when I moved here that in cold climate environments our veins are more internal and farther from the skin, to help stay warmer and regulate blood flow. In a hotter climate the veins are closer to the skin to help cool quicker. When moving from a cold weather climate to a warm weather climate, it can take a year or so for your veins to adjust, so people who aren’t from Arizona always hate their first year then get used to it. Also same the other way, Arizonans struggle with cold now because our veins aren’t “tucked” in.

  21. I heard something similar but it was more about the thickness of the blood. It's thinner in the heat and thicker in the cold. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a combo of the both.

  22. The blood thickness is the one I heard about, but also don't ask me to source it.

  23. That is 100% my issue. Every time I go clothes shopping I forget how cold January can get down here so I freeze my ass off for a month or so.

  24. I've never been to Georgia but Arkansas in summer was gross so I'd assume humidity in Georgia is no joke.

  25. I don't think she was human.

  26. She seemed kind of like Janet from the Good place.

  27. Yeah, there’s a whole meme about this. It’s something like:

  28. My husband, kids, and I all have a shirt that says that 😄

  29. We're a bunch of nerds. Shirts didn't go over so well when he and the kids wore them to his parents house...

  30. Me and my gf pay rent for the spare bedroom in their house so we can save and raise our child (do at the end of February) my gf and i originally paid $300 each for a single 10×15 bedroom. Theyve made it clear the kitchen and bathroom are not included but we are allowed to use it. My gf and her mother got in an argument over the miss placement of one of her walking sticks (it was in one of the other rooms) and well thats suddenly my fault.

  31. So you pay extra to use the kitchen and bathroom or you're granted the "privilege" to use them? Sorry just a little confused on what the inlaws are saying.

  32. Omg!! Her parents are just plain evil. How do you not allow your pregnant daughter to use the bathroom and kitchen?! I hope you guys can get out soon.

  33. Someone else was in Torchwood I think it might have been James Marsters or maybe Alexis Densof.

  34. I did know that or heard something about that, I’ll have to figure out when to start watching that it’s basically a Dr. Who Spin off kinda of like Ats was to BtVS right?

  35. Another person confirmed it was James. But yeah it's a spin off of Dr. Who.

  36. I love in general male and female platonic relationships. Angel and Faiths is really good since they actually have a lot in common.

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