Dear people of r/all: markets are crashing, crypto is on fire, and GME continues its downward spiral into oblivion. Why? Find out on r/gme_meltdown. Exposing annoying cultists with research and memes.

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  1. GME melt down ๐Ÿ“‰๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ thanks sir again, have a nice day

  2. So I guess you didnโ€™t read the nearly exact conspiracy theory from 2005?

  3. Since drs became a thing in sept/October the share price keeps falling.

  4. 5000 millionaires wonโ€™t have any effect whatsoever

  5. bzr says:

    These idiots don't get that BCG is a massive company that is involved in many many things. I hate this reality.

  6. Wait what? Their whole organisation isnโ€™t centred on GameStop?

  7. hey there new shill, shillertime026 here, remember to DPS (dark pooling shares) your shares, creating shorts in your name

  8. Forgot about the other stock our beloved leader got us into. Surely that is now up at least 10-20X. Right?

  9. Is there actually any evidence that citadel is short on gme?

  10. I'm gonna rob you and report to the police that I didn't. Should plan out well.

  11. When an allegation thatโ€™s so crazy is made it should be made on actual evidence tho right?

  12. Yeah crypto crash has been one of the many squeeze theories for some time.

  13. This is why the cult attracts so many people who perhaps donโ€™t have that in their own lives. Itโ€™s really sad to see these vulnerable people being exploited

  14. Why would a financial advisor be shorting stock?

  15. Is the idea that when the market crashes GME will squeeze?

  16. They are massively down on their โ€œinvestmentsโ€ yet keep posting how they shouldnโ€™t be dancing.

  17. Ok, can ya go now, i believe you if it will shut you up for a few minutes.

  18. See there we are. You want to shut up all opposing voices. Just like a cult will always do.

  19. Now thow in some actual evidence and you gunna be a millionaire and you wouldn't have to resort to being an internet shill. Post up your Puts or Shut The dang Up.

  20. Huh?! Each one of these points has evidence behind it.

  21. I donโ€™t want to get banned from Reddit so I wonโ€™t say how I really feel but Iโ€™ll just say this. I have plenty of money to buy more

  22. Thatโ€™s great. Please keep buying more. Once you have no more money go and get a loan.

  23. I wish it dipped to under $100 tho so I could load up even more...

  24. How does one become a paid shill? Here I am doing it for free

  25. Go to the metdowners sub where they actively recruit.

  26. Do the โ€œapesโ€ realise that what they describe as Fud is simply things they donโ€™t want to hear?

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