1. Hi there Thanks for this advice how do you recommend using this we have tried talking but always ends the same way so I don’t want to push something that may not be any good as it could cause more problems. Can this be taken added to drinks as well and which one would you recommended I have looked and there are so many on the market

  2. I put it into smoothies with yogurt and frozen fruit, it doesn’t taste like much.

  3. Did you have any side effects from this also can it put into drinks

  4. Hi Thanks for your advice I will take this on board and have a look at the books you have recommended I read also it’s not about the (PIV) it’s that I feel unloved as we have always had a great intimate relationship and this has been dwindling over the last few years and has gotten a lot worse in the last 18 - 24 months when we are only physical with each other on few occasions and this has probably only happens maybe twice this year we have been married for over 30 years and I am not willing to throw all that away just over sex I want to work this out and maybe our physical relationship will improve

  5. Maybe say something like " I read an article about how sometimes hormones can affect a woman's libido." Ask her if maybe that's why she doesn't feel like it". Tell her that, that a doctor might help balance her hormones. Assure her that she is still young!

  6. Start with marriage counseling. Find a sex positive therapist and start going together. Video calls are common now, and so you don't need a therapist in your area.

  7. We have spoken about this action and my wife said that she just does not feel like sex could this be because of myself or is this a common problem

  8. Was there ever a time that sex was frequent and great between you? Or have you always had a dead bedroom?

  9. In answer to this there was a time when it was great and frequent but the last few years it started to drop off and the last 24 months it has almost dried up altogether. My wife will sometimes want sex but this is not very often probably only 2 times this year alone

  10. How does your wife feel about it? Is she just going along because you make her feel guilty about simply not wanting sex anymore? Or does she say (unprompted by either conversations or certain situations that brought up sex in the past) that she really misses her libido? Be honest with yourself.

  11. Thank you for this advice we have spoken about this and we think it is down to a medical condition as she has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes but not too sure we have discussed seeing a GP but wife is not sure on this avenue. I will try and talk to her tonight taking on board your advice

  12. Does she want to get her sex drive back? We could probably help her more if she posts here so we can find out why she doesn't want sex.

  13. Yes she does want her sex drive back as it is causing issues she said she does not know why she does not want sex at the moment this has been going on now for quite a while

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