1. Bringing up Mao as an example of someone smarter than Hitler too. First he brings him up as an example of a "fascist" but even ignoring that he'd be one of my last choices of dictator who was a genius.

  2. Mao once believed that birds were eating grain crops and decreasing the yield, so he put out an order for everyone to kill and scare away any bird seen near the countryside. It was wildly successful, except afterwards there was an infestation of insects that destroyed the harvest.

  3. If I can't watch it on my phone with the screen off then no bc I ain't gonna watch cozy on my work computer

  4. No, Hawaii was settled, not conquered by the original people - there wasn’t anyone there when those people arrived, and it was ethnically homogenous pretty much until the US fuckery

  5. It's a distinction without a difference. Whether Hawaii or Britain was initially conquered or settled doesn't change the fact that, when we are talking about where someone is from, we use the city/state/country etc as a descriptor. If I move to France and have a child there, it's not wrong to call them French even if they don't have an ethnic or cultural connection to France. There's no reason why Hawaiian can't refer to both the indigenous group and the group of people who were simply born there.

  6. No idea how much but yes, a legal team costs money. She also had to move around a lot because she kept getting doxed.

  7. Lol didn't she keep updating her gofundme to increase the goal any time she got close to reaching it? Iirc the original goal was like $20k for legal fees, now she has $100k and isn't even pursuing legal action

  8. They got money from the initial sales and were able to hire actual voice actors instead of a bunch of podcasters

  9. There’s a lib tendency to deny that violent crime and crime in general is up. It’s textbook erasure. The victims of these crimes tend to be poor and live in struggling communities.

  10. I'd say it has a lot more to do with covid than the economy collapsing which isn't even happening

  11. Sneako’s girl seems pretty, smart, and kind. Legit wifey material. It makes no sense why he gets into the redpill shit.

  12. Conspiracy theory: Sneako actually doesn't believe what he preaches in the slightest, and he only hopped on the redpill train because it gets lots of views

  13. lmao this trend on this sub is so fucking annoying. How is everyone who disagrees with you disingenuous?

  14. My understanding is that there's a severe deficit of quality men, so many women are opting to be single instead. Finding a man that's actually worth having a relationship with is hard, thus womens' struggle.

  15. 60% of college graduates these days are women. I would bet part of the "deficit of quality men" is really just that women don't like dating down, so as women start out-earning men the pool of options necessarily shrinks.

  16. Dragons are in every episode. Value return on good CGI showing up in every episode is much greater than a character who has 5 minutes screen time with a subpar wig. Welcome to the world of opportunity cost.

  17. I'm surprised they don't just have like a whole room full of high quality wigs, given that they're a TV production company with a reputation for quality

  18. That wig looks horrendous lol. Literally looks like Mozart or something

  19. I think they attempted to make it look kinky like black person hair, but instead it just looks like those wigs the people in UK Parliament wear

  20. It's not the same comparison because usually books contain more material than movies and there is more space to flesh out stories and characters. When you're just talking about subtitles that are a 1:1 copy of what the speaker is saying, then it's almost never better than listening to the speech unless the person is completely flat or unintelligible.

  21. It’s the same idea. You’re saying that ASL is more contextual and can bring more to the table than monotone text. A book is monotone text with more words. But a movie has picture and emphasis on quotes that a monotone book can’t give you. Tell me how that’s different

  22. No, a better analogy would be watching a movie vs reading the script (or watching the movie on mute with subtitles). A book typically adds more to the story than a movie would. Subtitles don't contain any extra information that couldn't be conveyed by ASL, and they miss a lot of aspects of speaking that ASL doesn't miss.

  23. lCt says:

    Speculation is an eminent Trump indictment which makes sense. The tone and vigor if it felt like this was a speech based on a major event. It could be that intelligence has information on future planned violence by the MAGAs/far right extremists or the recent sound byte from Lindsay Graham but it felt like this has to be bigger.

  24. I don't like him because of his awful interactions he had about the irl n-word. God that was insufferable.

  25. Don't we literally only know one side of the story? Booksmarts never gave his side because he said he didn't want to make it into a whole drama thing. All we have is chaeiry's framing of the event, and she can be a little unhinged sometimes so I'm not sure if it's 100% accurate.

  26. Wait were there two n-word incidents? I'm 99% sure, I watched a video by Destiny where he talked to booksmarts about his dishonest framing of the situation.

  27. Booksmarts was living at chaeiry's for a while, but one day she suddenly kicked him out and later on stream she said one of the incidents that led to her kicking him out is that he told her that he didn't think she was black enough to say the n word

  28. Well good luck with your life. However, I gotta say, I've always found these types of goodbye posts pretentious and annoying in all subreddits I've seen them. Why would anyone care that some random person is "leaving"? Seems like pointless spam.

  29. I'm pretty sure Mr girl always said that destiny could use his own definition but that he wants destiny to be consistent in the usage of the word. Destiny using the word in different contexts and with different meanings, makes that label/concpet blurry which is good for Fuentes to continue to spread his ideology as far as Mr girl is concerned and I'm pretty sure he had been saying that from the beginning.

  30. This argument is so stupid because Nick fits 98% of the possible definitions of Nazi. He arguably fits Destiny's definition, even though he doesn't want to admit that.

  31. You're missing the point. Nick's audience doesn't view him as a Nazi. In fact, if destiny were to call Nick a Nazi it would just serve to turn Nick's audience against him for zero gain, to the detriment of his political project of exposing the far right to reasonable liberal takes. Unless you believe that destiny's audience will start flocking to Nick unless destiny points out that he's a Nazi.

  32. You do see the people that are homeless and do not have the resources to go anywhere else, and now don’t have any housing they could move into.

  33. Yeah but if you ask anyone who's pro rent control, they'll just say the homeless exist because we aren't rent controlling enough

  34. There’s a secret option to reset your IG feed: account > settings > delete account

  35. Lol you know you can just make a new account right? Just message the ppl you want follow on there and say yo I'm getting a new acct.

  36. Me: Hey, I’m glad Destiny’s reaching out more and trying to bridge the gap, but what is the added benefit of being super friendly to people like Lauren Southern and Nick? Doesn’t that just result in the community shifting towards a more positive view of people with pretty despicable views with no real gain?

  37. It's both. Just like with any tax or subsidy, both the consumer and supplier are affected. Students benefit by paying a lower price, and colleges benefit by having a higher quantity of students demanding their services (assuming student debt forgiveness will happen again at some point in the future)

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