1. Thanks, I had in fact started a hypothetical DDR5 comparison build here, using an MSI board.

  2. The board I mention is the only ITX one with thunderbolt and a useful io. The price increase going with ddr5 is def an obsticle.

  3. I always saw people put 850w PSU, so I thought that might be a good idea... I dont know how to do the actual power requirement calculation...

  4. Some headroom to calculate spikes is always good. Had no idea about the tb4 power delivery. So 850w sounds like a good idea to me.

  5. Dude! Dude! What a timing. Depending on your skills, this is your endgame build:

  6. I have to fly from Frankfurt, Germany to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Do you think that I won't have problems travelling with AIOs?

  7. The NR200 can house huge coolers that are capable of the 5800x3d. And people have been able to undervolt that CPU. So aircooling is an option.

  8. If you have that budget I'd with Velka 7. Easiest portable case out there.

  9. Just money. Used 6600 start at 200. Really depends on your budget. I'm at the same point right now.

  10. I didn't spend a lot of time learning about the graphics cards once I decided to go with an APU. Is there a certain brand you think I should go with?

  11. I have no preference. I had both and was equally satisfied. If you're a Linux user you might tend to go with AMD. People say their open source drivers work better. I had both brands working the same way.

  12. When see my friends with their (mid)towers, then it's not a question of size, but of handling. Going sff makes it a necessity to think about compatibility of parts, fan curves and power tuning. Many big cases can go with stock configuration in these the fields without performance loss or other issues. So if done carefully your sffpc will run as fast as a tower.

  13. Is this undervolting stuff possible through the BIOS? Or only in the Master utility?

  14. I always go back to OptimumsTech Ryzen 5000 undervolting video. But there are plenty about undervolting on Gigabyte boards as well specific videos about the 5700g.

  15. Why not just get a vertical stand for the NR200 from etsy or 3d print one?

  16. Hey there, I'm thinking of deshrouding my GPU, I have the same one as you, do I need an adapter for the PWM cables from the Noctua fans? Do you know how many fan connection points are on the board? I'm trying to get three NF-A9x14s on mine, my current fans are vibrating and loud past 50%

  17. There are two connectors on the gpu. The adapter is a y-splitter. Link in 1st comment.

  18. Ah okay, and the headers are different on the GPU than the standard Motherboard ones? I just went and ordered a single and a y split one. I only have CPU, CHA and Pump headers on my motherboard afaik, I have a ASUS B550i

  19. Yes. Those on this specific GPU are mini pwm. Same as the sys fan header on my gigabyte b550i board.

  20. The ZX-1 is as most Sandwich cases not made for blow-through design GPUs. I'd go with sth like MSI Ventus. (Or a AMD reference card)

  21. Just saw you said you wanted to fiddle with RGB this time. I might suggest going with a different case if you want to show it off, but having the color come through the mesh side panel could be alright too if you're down with it.

  22. I'm not into RGB. But I'd prefer the reserved rainbow glow of the ZX1, as seen here:

  23. Sell that card and start from scratch. With 1000 bucks you can get really creative. And with modern parts it's almost impossible your new system will perform worse than a 670.

  24. I'm all ears if you can list off some options in the 1K range that are SFF and will perform better than my GTX 670. I tried virtually all Intel NUCs that were using Iris GPUs and none of them could beat my GTX 670. I bought and returned some contenders (Minisforums Vega and 1050ti GPUs) due to hardware problems.

  25. Tbh I didn't recognized that you're looking for a prebuilt. There are Zotacs with discrete Zotac GPUs. You might look into that. And then there some services which build with regular parts, but I can't tell if they build with itx cases.

  26. Since you're in Germany, take a look at the Asus b550. Iirc it is cheaper than the gigabyte right now.

  27. Der ist laut alternate Liste aber nicht mit dem Prozessor kompatibel 🤔

  28. Wow. Not where I live. Powercolor 6400 and 6500 xt are the same here.

  29. For your suggested workloads the two extra cores could, I guess.

  30. This doesn’t seem like a lot of room for the video card to breathe. That is a tight tight squeeze

  31. Room is no requirement of airflow. The main difference between small formfactor and a tower is the difference between components to the vented panels. That requires a lot more consideration of the parts selected, true. But that's really it.

  32. Nice work! That should be part of the next revision. If you keep the plastic on the dust will crawl under the foil and stick with the glue. That will look even nastier. The standard recommendation is to clean your case every now and then with a dust blower.

  33. I remember there was a post a while ago with a Lazer3d HT5 and said PSU.

  34. You could mount a 120x15mm fan on a Toughair 110. Other than that, check the parts list in the menu. :)

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