1. You guys are getting 60 to 90 an hour? I'm getting 40 post fy2?

  2. Don't engage with me or ask questions, just tell me what the fuck to write down so we can get this over with and I can start my jobs.

  3. Thanks! I ended up with about 6 of them after I noticed there were too many but it works great!

  4. I feel there should be an answer that they live far away/ in another country/ in the motherland but would like to see them more often

  5. Can't afford to pay doctors or nurses, can't afford to give free health care. Easy

  6. Growing up in rural England, I can say that these sorts of appreciation only happens in our cities like London and Birmingham. You go to the middle of nowhere and it is exactly as you described being in the US.

  7. He's an attention seeker and people find him edgy I guess?

  8. I was told you can only locum in your area post fy1 and the whole country after fy2

  9. I try to go right after work as it's between the hospital and where I live, as I'm basically already there, I find it's easier to go in

  10. But wish I was, I feel like I missed a big part of desi growing up abroad culture

  11. Call in sick, fuck them. Just don't max out your sick leave

  12. There’s no difference when it comes to actually pressing them onto the switches. The only issue you might run into is compatibility, like what width each cap is and what the legend says. The display in the image you linked is using 56 1u key caps and two 1.25u key caps. So you’ll want to find a keycap set that is compatible with that, though you should be able to skip the 1.25u caps if you like.

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