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When laughter meets percussion

  1. Is nobody going to acknowledge that this is a pretty good loop

  2. Can someone please upload more clips from the Danganropa anime series onto Sakugabooru?

  3. why not grab OBS or something and put up what you like?

  4. If I were able to do it myself then I wouldn’t have to ask the same questions over and over.

  5. Have more confidence in yourself, all the tools are free. But, I get it. Maybe I'll grab some clips later.

  6. Jagi gets whats coming to him. Loved the fight

  7. I just can never get over the rock throw at the end. All "alright, maybe he's just immune to big things."

  8. I headcanon that Yor/Loid will be very sweet and vanilla. Cuddly. Genteel.

  9. I was imagining something involving being tied to a chair and a time bomb.

  10. Ese anime es la ostia me encantó ojalá tenga segunda temporada

  11. I think that would be good because there's too many questions to leave off where it stopped. I know that's sometimes the fate of anime series, but it still bugs me.

  12. I know right? I actually quite enjoyed it despite it getting thrashed in the reviews due to the first episode, I feel like a lot of people missed out just because an anime decided to slightly deviate from the norm.

  13. The blowback for the first episode was top tier stupid. "She killed a sociopath! A MALE sociopath!"

  14. {Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop}, since I haven't seen it mentioned yet.

  15. They planned on more, but this was the direct-to-VHS days; you didn't make the sales, too bad, so sad.

  16. I keep needing context when i see this subreddit

  17. I'm not sure context would help a ton in this case. Let's just keep it simple and say she's dreaming.

  18. j3i says:

    I miss evanescence anime

  19. oh my god that is the perfect description

  20. Thank you for being the first to make a nod to that in regards to this gif

  21. How are they related? Mech anime has been on the decline but how is that the fault of idol anime? They’re completely different genres that usually appeal to different people.

  22. There has to be an idol mecha anime, right? Please tell me there is

  23. It is, but it's fun. Just like Ya Boy Kongming shouldn't have worked but it absolutely did

  24. I did not up or down vote you, I see no reason why you are being so abrasive I just wanted to express my view on the show. Many have a big watch lists I think its important to ward people away from things that may just eat time in a less than enjoyable fashion.

  25. I loved all of the Violet Evergarden series. I also ABSOLUTELY love Butt Attack Punisher Girl. No reason you can't devour gourmet and delicious, delicious junk food.

  26. This show has what has got to be one of the most awkward opening cinematics of all time. Anyone else?

  27. I love the song but, yeah, Kasey grinding on the camera is something that I don't feel like explaining to anyone.

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