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  1. Christmas cactus but goes by a few other names. I have two but have not figured out the key to watering.

  2. Thank you mate. I was told to give it water every alternate days. And I'm really not sure how much water should I give it. Nevertheless, the name helps. Thanks again!

  3. It's a tropical cactus rather than a desert cactus, which means it does need a decent amount of water. Alternate days seems overdoing it though. You could look up specie-specific stuff ofc, but I've been told to treat it like a succulent and that's gone well so far.

  4. Honestly, this is the first plant ever that I am ever taking care of. So didn't really know what to do. Thanks for the help. May be weekly watering should be good?

  5. Btw why can't I free him? The circle isint appearing for me. I tired restarting checkpoint multiple times

  6. Can you explain what do you mean by "can't free him"? I think you just need to open the cell, he will just come out.

  7. Interesting! Sorry mate, I just killer every enemy there and that prompt appeared for me. I think it might be a bug

  8. The one at senpou temple ( seekers ) freaks me out, even today! Sekiro is my all time best FromSoft Game

  9. I didn’t get to hear it cuz the boss bugged out and died

  10. I heard that latest patch has also included the phase 2 of thr OST. It is really beautiful!! 👌👌

  11. It's called "Drama" if everyone acted sensibly 100% of the time then there would be no story. Make no mistake the main story of Yakuza games is a soap opera, just indulge yourself in the Drama, it's more fun that way.

  12. Hahaha this makes sense. But deaths doesn't feel earned, like for the sake of the story. I feel they were very cheap. May be I'm missing something here. May be the writing wasn't that mature for previous installments. I'm just curious that why this is the case

  13. I have an easy way. Go to Lyndell gates. You will get a shield after defeating two enemies on Horses come back and defeat this guy.

  14. Lol, are you a mind reader? I originally wanted to add it

  15. Junior dev here, who only works the legacy code base, and recently had a stent inserted into an artery - this one hits close to home.

  16. Take care. Recovery herbs will be friendlier to you.

  17. I'll use what I know for as long as it works for me. I'd rather be good at a few things than claim to know everything and have to open the reference manual each time I need to use them.

  18. Thank you for the admins and the community. Imma gild this post

  19. I managed to find it, but I honestly don't feel comfortable sharing it because it's so low quality compared to what I do now. I did this very shortly after starting university.

  20. Well, at this point I am assuming that you have a degree in STEM? Astrophysics? :D

  21. Er, I've outed myself haha. I have degrees in math and physics, and currently work in chemical physics. Though I used to work as an observatory technician and astronomy TA.

  22. The list of research publications gave it away xD Btw That's soo cool!

  23. As a js developer I find this meme really offensive. I am not even sure how to react.

  24. Essas cenas era muito estranhamente boas mas dava aquele arrepio ksksks

  25. Try Fin.. never mind Thank you :feels_good_man:

  26. I think you haven't watched the anime. Take care!

  27. Sorry I had to be the one to tell ya but from soft has been attempting to make these games for a long time even before demon souls. They were just a bit too limited by clunky controls and technology at the time. Not that Miyazaki didn't help bring it to fruition as he certainly did.

  28. Thanks for sharing :), Is it armored core series?

  29. Fun facts about Miyazaki: he didn't work on DS 2. Shibuya was the one who worked on DS 2

  30. But yes, you are right he was working on Bloodborne at the time :)

  31. Fun Fact: Shoi Miyazawa used to be in the Sound department for previous FromSoftware games. Elden Ring is his first debut. He provided the soundtrack for Maliketh

  32. You're renaming the wrong part. DLC will have: Godskin Jester, Godskin Knight, Godskin Vassal and of course Godskin Lord.

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