1. Cover 6. I’m a Yami simp, so it’s about no brainer.😆

  2. Lmao thanks, I had three paragraphs and then went "wait a minute-" when I realized how succinct it could be.

  3. I don't think you have had as much experience with this sort of situation as I have.

  4. Well that’s understandable then, some people out there like to explain things more

  5. Tabata's admiration for Noelle's 🍑 is just chef's kiss

  6. I love how the Wizard King statue is reading. Also wasn’t expecting Charlotte to pull off the glasses that well.

  7. THANK YOU! ppl also say lisa isn’t gay like did we watch the same show 💀

  8. Your husband has refused, for a year, to tell you about a medical diagnosis. This is not a healthy marriage.

  9. Well obviously, you think it’s easy to bring it up? Of course you don’t

  10. My favorite ending has to be "Four" by Faky. At first I liked the third ending but then it was the fourth that mesmerized me.

  11. $1800+ since international shipping is EXPENSIVE, but its still cheaper than buying manga in my country😅

  12. This looks really nice! I wonder how long this took lol

  13. Yeh some of the comments on that thread are 😳🤡👻

  14. The first sword i made all by my self,(my father helped make it) the second one i prented on 3d printer

  15. Magna has the most death flags to me. his 50/50 power could be used to force a suicide pact with some strong enemy down the line. I think its in line with his character to sacrifice himself for his rival Luck (or any of the bulls really)

  16. For some unknown reason I was under the impression that the hiatus was supposed to be 4-5 months lol good thing it's coming back sooner than I thought

  17. I’ve seen you in a couple of posts here before, you seem like the type of person to be sexist towards men, aka a terrible person at that

  18. But hes not annoying with it like tanjirou is imo

  19. Also remember that time when Asta bought a random shitty toy and very happy and excited about it and happily shows it to Noelle

  20. Just break up? You don’t even have to give a reason if you aren’t yet comfortable telling him. He’s 21. This won’t be his last breakup and you’ve been together six months. Nobody will die.

  21. This is terrible advice wtf, she has to tell him some way or another, she can’t just break up with him with no reason at all and expect it to go really well, he’ll have questions as to what went wrong, etc

  22. So were the young ladies who were trying to grind on you in the club "performing" or were they trying to pick you up? I think there's a difference. The performers were doing it to everyone, it's part of the show, and I've been to a fair share of these performances, they weren't "singling" her out or trying to hook up. Most drag shows are fairly R-rated.

  23. Honestly I could care less that it means nothing to y out, was that question included in my comment, I’ll answer that one for you, it wasn’t. But anyways I’m sure you know I’m telling the truth

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