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  1. Derby week just finished up in my area yesterday- adding Mother’s Day Sunday to the finale is a swift kick in the dick.

  2. I once worked with a woman named Tequila but it was pronounced “Tah-Qwee-Lah.”

  3. Unsolved Mysteries. Scared the shit out of me as a kid, but for some reason I HAVE to listen to it for the memories.

  4. When my blood gets to boiling over a table being rude, I try to take as many deep breaths as I can. I remind myself that I’m a great server, have lots of regulars that are kind and generous, and that there are just certain people out there that are completely miserable in life. If it wasn’t me getting cussed out or thrown a snarky comment, it would’ve been the person at the gas station or at the grocery store on the verbal tirade chopping block. Reminding myself it could always be worse, I could be them makes me feel a lot better. Then I’ll have after work drinks with my coworkers and talk mad shit about them and laugh their expense.

  5. If you don't like Saturday people, wait until you meet Sunday people.

  6. I am fortunate enough to have a set schedule every week and told my employer at hiring that I had zero Sunday availability. In two and a half years I think I’ve maybe worked one Sunday by choice to help them out. I remember the brutality of the brunch/after church crowds of serving days past- I simply won’t do it anymore.

  7. Yes!! Especially my last spot. Friday was a jackpot and Saturday was hot garbage every time. Just people who started drinking way too early and have seemingly never been to a restaurant.

  8. We basically call Saturdays, “Shitty Tip Saturday” or “The Hills Have Eyes” Day because of how weird the people are.

  9. I’m also receiving November 21 premium and I’m not happy about it either.

  10. I visited this cemetery a few years ago and got lots of great photos. Did you happen to take one of the flying angel behind the man standing on top of the grave marker? (I don’t know how else to describe it, but it’s very unique and very noticeable.)

  11. It’s a cream, not travel mug. Frank Body makes butt drops and butt cream. They have cute funny packaging.edit to add coffee scrub is another popular product from the brand. That package says some thing like “you are going to get naked in one minute”

  12. I was so confused! I’ve heard of Frank Body and think their taglines are cute. I really thought that with the Boxy/Ipsy crossovers they were throwing in a coffee cup.

  13. You definitely got the jackpot box for sure. Congrats to you! I’ll be over here trying to regulate my sodium levels over my number 4 box 😆

  14. Omg I’m sorry I had to laugh. To be honest, I never really looked at the spoilers and compared to see what I got. But I started seeing this posts and I was like wait, wait. Because I already have all of the ones in the other variations. Although I really do like the facial mask. But idk if the history I have with them matters?

  15. I assumed the customers who have been with Allure longer got this mystical, unicorn box. I’ve only been with them since November and I didn’t know that’s what played into who-got-what until I was reading on here last week. Allure was sketch for creating all the different variations and not telling anyone until we received these doo doo boxes. I’m glad to see that someone actually got a good one though!

  16. Myself, amongst other subscribers, were misled about what February box we would receive. It was and is currently being advertised as the February box. However, last minute they did a bait and switch for the dr brandt item and topicals mask. What alot of us received were variation 4 which was leftover junk product.

  17. I received variation 4 as well and just cancelled today when my box came. It was exactly how you described it- junk.

  18. I work at a BBQ restaurant. Someone asked, “what type of meat is your beef brisket?” I’ve also had a customer ask if we had frozen ice.

  19. I’ve gotten one campaign so far, but a lot more surveys than ever before. Fingers crossed!

  20. I’m sure your great grandmother would be absolutely thrilled that her great-grandchild is taking such pleasure from her hard work all those years ago! Something she couldn’t possibly have imagined whilst she was making it! Simply gorgeous!

  21. I very much appreciate your kind responses and helping me to understand the time and effort that goes into making something like this. You’ve made my day! ❤️She also made a very long, somewhat thin matching pillow case to match. I can only assume it was used for feather pillows back then?

  22. Aaah thank you! ☺️ Sounds like a bolster pillow… If you fancy that out on display too, and can’t find a suitable pillow form, you can roll up a suitably sized towel (pale colour so it doesn’t show through) and put that in there!

  23. That’s a great idea. The pillowcase is almost the length of my headboard on a Queen sized bed, so I’ll probably need to use multiple towels.

  24. What was your mystery gift? Trying to decide which bonus item I want to get. I’m a little leery to use the code “self love” because I’m afraid it’s some facial tool.

  25. It's an eye shadow pallet... I am trying to post a link but it's hard on mobile.

  26. Is there a way to resub if you’ve chosen to skip? I have hella fomo now seeing everyone’s great choices.

  27. You can reach out to Ipsycare on Twitter (or other social media, but I used Twitter). They should be able to unpause your account.. That being said, when I did, I couldn’t choose until the very end of the choice window and there wasn’t many options. I would not do it again.

  28. Thank you on the heads up! I guess I can always just shop for the individual items I want instead of missing out on the good choices.

  29. District 6 in St. Matthews has amazing food- it’s a pho/Vietnamese style set up and it tastes so fresh and authentic. Their decor and bathrooms are super cool too.

  30. I’m definitely showing my age, but it reminds me of the old QBert Nintendo game.

  31. Yes, let’s keep the campaigns coming! I’m super grateful with Bzzagent since i have received cool products since last year. This month I was selected for 6 campaigns (yet one was canceled). Yesterday I got a CBD tincture for relaxation and pain relief.

  32. Daaaang, 6?!? I’m the jelly one now. Care to share which ones you were picked for?

  33. I’m glad I canceled. I wonder how many people are actually going through with the X next month?

  34. I worked with a woman whose name on paper was Tequila- pronounced, Tah-quee-lah. As if somehow that was better.

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