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  1. I am thinking about the same thing. We are on the same boat - no surveys, no boxes. I reached out to support, and they immediately answered that my account is fine and be patient 😔

  2. Thanks for sharing! Once I made it to tier 9 everything came to a screeching halt for me as well.

  3. I just googled “course on selling courses” and one of the top results had a program that was listed for 15.99.

  4. Same for me as well. I made it to tier 9 and it’s been crickets ever since. My last campaign was the last wave of the Urban Decay online bullying modules. Meh.

  5. I don’t have the opt out option on my account, however I do have eyeliner selected as a “rarely” choice in my preferences. I’m receiving these exact items in my bag this month.

  6. In most states you are able to look up the license rules & regulations per that license. Since you get the liquor order, it will most definitely have the license attached to invoice - use that number when communicating with the licensing board & to look up what the conditions of use for the permit are. I bet you find the owners have been cutting corners because no one does everything their license says they are to do. I have NEVER heard of any liquor license allowing sales of ANY LIQUOR out the back door. Good luck & keep trying if you don’t get a response or the answer you are looking for from the licensing board. A lot of times their enforcement teams are over worked. A call to the local police department will also work because of the age of the people being sold to & not checking IDs. Plus if they are not ringing the sales into a cash register & documenting sales & sales tax, report them to your local city & state tax collector. Also you will qualify for unemployment due to the text & the fact you had never been written up for any infractions of the rules. Good luck & keep us posted.

  7. I could maybe see him being allowed to sell it under the catering license. Really depends on the state, my state you need an extra license to sell alcohol off premises. I work for a mobile Bartending company and we have the clients provide the alcohol since we don't have that license. Essentially it would be similar to providing catered food that clients pick up.

  8. The restaurant had not been able to sell alcohol through catering or the food truck in the past, which made me assume that the license doesn’t cover it.

  9. Y’all, I was totally expecting to get the itty bitty sample sized vial, as I saw a lot of people within the app posted that as the size they received. So hopefully these big boys will be in more boxes for everyone!

  10. My husband and I play what we call “the ugly pumpkin game.” I have a tiny, rustic jack o’ lantern with a face only a mother could love. We take turns hiding it around the house for one another- in a coffee cup, in a shoe, whatever. But I like to make it a little easy at the beginning of the month and get tricksier towards Halloween. Just use whatever small Halloweenie thing is calling your name. You could give out a Halloween Night prize out for the most “finds” in your household if you and your husband hide it for the little ones.

  11. I didn't care for it either. I like to wake up in the morning and say oooh my skin looks so good. After using this I woke up and said ew I kind of look hungover.

  12. Same here for me. It made my face look swollen and puffy when I woke up. I used it three times to be sure and then it went into the trash. I’m glad I just bought the sample size.

  13. Last year the Target in my area was bare bones (no pun intended) in terms of Halloween. They had plenty of candy and other food stuffs, but decor was severely lacking. I hate my location anyway, so I doubt I’ll even go this year to be honest. However, I did see my local Meijer finally getting rid of the school stuff and starting on Halloween today. Don’t sleep on Meijer y’all. They can surprise you with some cute stuff.

  14. Target’s displays used to be a Halloween event. Last year my location finally threw a small pile of various unwanted crap on a table around mid September…that was it.

  15. That was pretty much my location last year as well. Just random things on a table and then sparse and sad looking aisles. My location is always crowded no matter what time of day you go and it’s in a traffic heavy part of town- not worth the time and effort for me. I’ve switched my game up this year by hitting up yard and estate sales for the vintage finds.

  16. I literally cannot find this blow mold design anywhere online. Has anyone else seen this one before?

  17. I’m a bartender. After the end of an incredibly busy night, my favorite co worker and I will clink our beers together, shake our heads and let out a long winded “oooooh-de-lolllllly.”

  18. I love to thrift, so I find lots of things at second hand stores that have potential that I can add to. A little paint here, maybe a glittery something there- it’s fun and I know just how I want it to turn out. The Rae Dunn/HomeGoods stuff isn’t really my vibe at all- but I will go there for a cozy Halloween blanket or two.

  19. I can't with glitter. Ugh. Glitter is the herpes of art supplies.

  20. The point was more so about finding something you think you could put your personal spin on.

  21. The person whose estate you shopped had excellent taste. Good job moving these items back into use.

  22. Thank you! It was a doctors home, however it was hoarded from floor to ceiling. It was hours of searching to be honest. The home was so full that another four day sale is being held next month.

  23. Then you really are mining their hoard to bring those items out.

  24. Luckily all the wool clothing items I found came from either this cedar chest or one other so that made it a bit easier.

  25. Ahh I just bought the gin bottle last week that would complete your decanter set!

  26. Gaaah! I thought for sure there had to be more to this set. Are you displaying yours? I thought about using them as flower vases.

  27. These sweaters are something and look pristine. I should try cedar, though it seems that cloth-eating moth that we have doesn't know no manners or follows a sophisticated diet — it recently destroyed a vintage (a true vintage, not just last collection) Pringle of Scotland sweater 😔

  28. Ohhh noo! If you have a cedar chest, definitely store any precious clothing items or accessories in. Or try multiple sachets of cedar shavings in your closets or storage boxes. Unfortunately I had to learn the hard way in the past as well with some cashmere sweaters of mine.

  29. I can definitely see myself skipping. Between the Avant and the Alley Oop trio I’m feeling pretty “meh.”

  30. Cozy Nights from Target. Soy blend/long lasting with a pipe tobacco scent that I love. I’m far too sensitive to Bath and Body Works candles and these are a great alternative. Much more affordable as well.

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