1. no matter what I tell you otherwise, my default is actually liking people

  2. inflation rate is so bad it even hit Stardew valley

  3. "hey! you can't talk to my wife that way! what do you think this is?!"

  4. well there definitely is nothing wrong for an opinion shared by a dumb person it just needs to be original

  5. yeah it is kinda tough being original around the world but that doesnt limit you from being original in your surroundings

  6. I am someone who tries to argue in a very gray way and not showing what side I play for(if I'm not swallowed by wrath first) and thank you, you stood your ground, you stayed positive, it was fun, this rarely happens to me nowadays

  7. what's the difference between a normal, middle of the road guy and master?

  8. all fun and games till the party wizard actually brought a magic tome

  9. it happens, but wait a little longer and your no watering the plants manually dreams will come true

  10. by simply trying the out, it doesn't really matter

  11. withdraw as much money that I can

  12. we humans are naturally very social creatures

  13. holy shit, I forgot that Anne did die lmao

  14. what I do is that dump it on something not someone, that can cause problems but in something like art, you don't have to be good at it, you don't gotta be a master or something shit

  15. it is a type of theory, theories in nature is gray

  16. Casual murder at the beginning of the video

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