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  1. This is one of my favorites in my local Indian food restaurant. I get some papadoms (spelling?) instead of bread.

  2. These used to grow in my backyard. My dad had some in a pot and they escaped and started growing. My dad had to relentlessly uproot them. I'm sure there is someone in Escondido right now who can't figure our why those flowers keep popping up.

  3. That's not Native American -- it's Mexican, created for the tourist trade.

  4. My friends driving Tesla’s who feel that way are the exact same dicks who harassed Priuses and stuff.

  5. I had a prius before I got my tesla. I liked them both. My husband also had an EV-1 but that was long ago.

  6. I'm still loving Goodie Girl. Their mint ones are so good, I have to hide them from my non GF husband because they will be gone. Also I am loving their pumpkin pie ones at the moment.

  7. I didn't buy it but I'm curious as to what it might be. It says AMCO 119 on the triangular bit with the hole.

  8. You've found the Arachnid bug hole, the only think left to do is nuke it and glass the rest of the desert to ensure we contain the bug menace! Would you like to know more?

  9. Well, I don't know about friends, but yes real arachnids do get a bad rap. I was referencing Starship Troopers.

  10. Cmon dude, this is Reddit... nobody on here's even had a girlfriend.

  11. I don't know depending if what's holding the tater tot bun together is gluten free, I'd probably eat it. I have celiac disease and am always on the look out for a good gluten free bun.

  12. God and I thought regular white people tacos were bad. Although it does make me hungry for some good old fashioned tacos de papa.

  13. I saw it advertised but I haven't seen a store have it yet.

  14. Tell them not to eat anything that can hurt you right before also and if they do before the show to clean their mouth thoroughly. It's like having an allergy although strictly speaking it's not, but it should be treated as one.

  15. I considered, at one point, to pronouncing it "Aloysius Manglethreep Oakgrove Flibbertigibbet", but somehow I couldn't bring myself to. Apparently I have limits to my silly.

  16. Guaranteed those middle layers were as cold as when they came out of the refrigerator

  17. I came here to comment that. but you did it first. The cheeto dust doesn't even look slightly browned.

  18. It helps so much to give your location. If you can get a spore print that helps too.

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