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  1. I mean it's to be expected really. I figured I would say something because I'm sure someone say that it doesn't look new so how could it be a new tool day? You guys are very observant.

  2. Yeah, most of my tools are mildly stained from building site muck, some doesn’t come off easily

  3. That's mostly cutting oil so it's never coming off.

  4. 4 piece blizzard. I pair her with Diona for extra crit rate. I've been trying to get into using Shenhe instead but I'm not feeling it much.

  5. The Steam Deck's screen does not support any sort of stylus input, only basic capacitive touch input (and not super accurate at that). I'm not saying it's impossible, but you probably wouldn't have a good time trying to draw using the touchscreen on the Steam Deck.

  6. I have a main rig so I wouldn't have to use the deck as the medium. I just got curious is all. I wasn't sure how accurate the screen was. What about the TouchPad? How's that?

  7. I actually have a drawing tablet (Huion Inspiroy H610PROV2) and while it works perfectly fine when I just plug it in, for the life of me I cant get the actually software for customizing the pad to work which makes over half of the features not work in the slightest. Very disapointing but maybe someday it will get fixed.

  8. That's a shame to hear. I don't want to say it's to be expected from something that costs under $50 but I don't really know what else to say about it. Even for something of that price, it should still preform well enough.

  9. Seeing as you're using a controller and not the built in one, this is not a SteamDeck issue. It's either the controller you are using or Warframe itself.

  10. I ordered mine on Sept 23 and just got my email today. I was really surprised it was so quick.

  11. What is Cyno's best F2P weapon? I just pulled him but don't know how to build him.

  12. Really? That's all there is? That's so underwhelming.

  13. I think she’s just feeling safe next to you under the blankets! My cat also doesn’t enjoy being under blankets but every so often she will dig at it too to join me.

  14. Try to put your scent on it and use the bed as your pillow for an hour or two at least.

  15. I did that for a whole night one time. Still nothing.

  16. Alatreons moveset is pretty easy to understand…..that being said when I try to use weapons outside of GS on him, I struggle like crazy.

  17. I fought my first Khezu a couple days ago. It was a fun fight. I didn't hate it but it just wasn't enjoyable. I was a little sad because I was excited to fight Khezu for the first time.

  18. I was really happy with Mimic until I tried Tiche. She's way more aggressive and actually dodges compared to Mimic. Plus she melts everything with her Black Knife special.

  19. The thing with Tiche is that she only shines when you tank for her. If she takes aggro, her effectiveness plummets.

  20. And that's perfectly fine. She tends to stay back a little anyway so I just need to be up on the enemy.

  21. I've had mine most of my life. Flin rhythmed with a major street when I was growing up and I thought I sounded cool. Jager was originally from Jagermeister even though I had never drank it, the word alone just sounded cool so I stole it. 123 because what I was trying to do needed numbers so I just went with that. Over the past few years, I've been slowly dropping 123 where I can.

  22. It's a very long list so I'll list my most played games instead in no particular order. Warframe, OSRS, FFXIV, Terraria, Minecraft, Elden Ring, Destiny (1&2), MHW (and Iceborne DLC), BTD6, Stardew Valley, Vampire Slayer... list goes on and on.

  23. I always wanted to try Elden Ring. Would you recommend it?

  24. I absolutely recommend Elden Ring but at the same time I can understand it not being for everyone. If you've wanted to try it, then do it. I was the same way and now I have 280+ hours in it.

  25. If you manage to be Bennett, you can run a Childe International team. Childe, Xingqiu, Xiangling and Bennett.

  26. Do you know if Bennett will be available anytime soon?

  27. No idea. We won't know until 3.1 banners are released.

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