1. Why is the door lock? Can people from the outside open it too or no?

  2. The Ole Henriksen is very brightening. It made my under eyes too bright in comparison to the rest of my face lol

  3. It has a pigment that makes your skin appear brighter. I was watching a Dermatologist review it, she does not recommend it since it comes in a jar and Vit C is so unstable—it should come in an opaque or airless pump

  4. Majority of OleHenriksen products have Mica in them, so beware.

  5. Ohhh, I just got this! I love it. I am also a programmer ahaha, and nice to see a dev here ! Keep branching and pushing! 😂✅

  6. Never thought I'd see Smash characters referred to as heroes, especially since some are villains, hah.

  7. Sorry, champions or heroes or characters. LoL or MLBB influences

  8. same thing happened to me! anything with salicylic acid has been horrible for my skin

  9. Same! My skin hates any acids in general and niacinamide in high percentage

  10. I have it and it ruined my skin barrier. Make sure you double clean with an oil then this after when wearing makeup or sunscreen.

  11. Me too! I was reading some mixed reviews on Sephora about them so I’m hoping I like them

  12. They are so good, just like the maybelline ones with tint for lip balm

  13. Hi! How can I tell if my moisturizer is petrolatum or not?

  14. Oh btw, I am a tretinoin user and my face literally gets irritated when I don’t use the sandwich method. I like the belif moisturizer as it has higher alcohol content (not the best moisturizer) and it penetrates my skin faster.. then i put my tretinoin then a thick moisturizer then an ointment/balm/oil like the one pictured above to seal in everything

  15. Search the sandwich method on Youtube, I recommend Dr Dray - as she is a licensed Derm..

  16. I guess we have to wait and sub Luxe March 1st??

  17. If you’re interested in One Love Organics, the Nov One Love Organics from Laurel and Reed is still available on their site:

  18. Do we know what else will be in this box yet?

  19. Yes you’re right he should go that route you mentioned. I also recommend a very light moisturizer after the serum, wait until 30 mins so it gets absorbed, then tretinoin, then another thick moisturizer or an occlusive like avene cica or anything that traps moisture.

  20. 😯 am wondering if the product replacement is a one time courtesy or if you’ve just unlocked a hack to create our dream boxes

  21. This is what the I said, “Hey, I love the product featured this month! I just so much face masks and have acne prone skin that facial oil won’t be as beneficial! I’d love to skip for this month. Thank you!”

  22. This month’s box was supposed to be the Nazaan Schnapp. I asked CS that I do not like face oils and masks. I have way too much of that! So they told me I can switch my box to previous boxes if I wanted to and replace an item if needs be. So I was supposed to get a Kahina Face Masks but replaced it with a body scrub. My fave body scrub from OLO.

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