1. Why do they have "Tarte" in huge letters under the offer if it's refreshments? This should be illegal 😡

  2. How did you get 20%? It comes up as 10% for me.

  3. Yesterday it was 20%(black Friday) so sorry! Maybe try again on cyber monday.

  4. Is anyone else getting a fatal error from the allowed memory size exhausted?

  5. I got that multiple times and kept trying for an hour or so this morning. Eventually it worked somehow.

  6. So sorry... they really should have upped their web capacity to be able to handle black Friday sale traffic :(

  7. basically you can’t they don’t open back up till 1st to skip and then you’re charged. cancel it

  8. I have an annual...so lame you can't skip when you want on the site. I talked to cs and they did it, but it was sketchy. They said they would send me a confirmation but didn't.

  9. What do you expect from a company who doesn’t realize cannot is one word?

  10. No text yet...was it supposed to be this Friday or next?

  11. I would not spend $60 on this. I'd consider it for $30-$40.

  12. If I order the allure box now with the discount, will I get the December box? Or November?

  13. Thank you for posting this OP!

  14. My pleasure! I love hearing what people think because it helps me decide whether to keep or skip 😊

  15. I love the Whole Foods beauty bags (March). This looks interesting but the sizes seem really small. Not sure its worth the $30?

  16. Exactly...I remember their beauty bags went on sale for half off this year, so hoping this does too. I'd totally get it for $15/20, but $30 just isn't the right price for me.

  17. Oh wow! Do they ship? I don’t have a Whole Foods in my city, but that looks great!

  18. Unfortunately I don't think so...the only time I ever see these is in store. They do offer a delivery service, but I'm pretty sure you have to be relatively close to the store.

  19. Ehh, not excited about what I saw after I clicked that link. Nothing jumped out at me.

  20. It is not the same as NR. B3 is niacin, and it causes a skin flush reaction in higher doses, although high-dose niacin too is a NAD precursor [

  21. Thank you for clarifying the difference, feeling better about my vitamins now! I do all these things(except never heard of magnolia bark--cant wait to look it up), plus I've removed all my at risk tissue and organs preventatively. Given my brca gene, an anti cancer lifestyle is always a top priority...I'm an extremely fit/slim, vegan eat the rainbow kinda person :)

  22. Thank you again for clarifying! My vitamin has 16 mg/100% niacin as niacinamide. I think I'll get one without it just to be safe.

  23. I have so mangold these shelves just full of new products I’ve never used 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I probably have more than a lifetimes worth buy now . I really want to open and use a bunch but I can’t keep doing that until I use up some of my already opened ones

  24. I also use these for my unopened products. I have a ton of opened products filling up my bathroom drawers that I need to use up before I shop my new stash. So. Much. Product. 😂

  25. so the drawers open and close smoothly? That was always my problem with plastic drawers, they were never smooth especially when filled. It's really cute for being so inexpensive. i wanted the ikea one but there shipping is ridiculous. thx for posting

  26. Yes! The drawers open and close incredibly smoothly. The only thing is they were designed to not open all the way(maybe for extra sturdiness?), so there is about 2 inches of space in the back that is a little tricky to see perfectly. I don't find this to be a problem because I stored my larger items in the back (anything bigger than 2 inches) and I can see them easily.

  27. Rakuten! Get a $30 bonus if you sign up and spend $30. It’s free, and an easy way to get cash back on beauty brands.

  28. I'm really shocked what a steep decline in quality it's been in the last couple boxes.

  29. The Kure was recently reformulated and not nearly as good as it was before 👎🏻

  30. Oh no, can you please say what you dislike about it?

  31. I'd just be concerned about Sephora cancelling/flagging your account. I've heard they do that with too many returns. I tend to just do returns/refunds when something is the least bit wrong with the product, like a leak or past expiration date, etc. I don't think you are a bad person for inconveniencing a huge company like Sephora, I just think it's a little risky. I prefer to spend time now and then at Sephora trying things on, then buying my favorites online.

  32. Ha, yes the rectangle complex culture hair brush! 😆

  33. Ohhhh you know that may be the best one because if it was makeup wipes, shaving cream or any kind or hand or body moisturizer I'm throwing hands. But I already have that brush 🤣 chances it isn't complex Culture makeup brushes or anythinf refreshments? What do you think between 0-100% what percent chance it's not one of those options. My guess is 8%>

  34. Lolol great guess. Maybe we can start placing bets and the wagers can be all the refreshments, makeup brushes and complex culture items we have too much of already 😆

  35. Shipping is $19.99. I got so excited until I saw that :(

  36. Yeah that’s always the annoying part w most k beauty. Great if you have a couple of friends that would want to buy some stuff too

  37. My friends would all fight me for the $3 items lolol

  38. Is this a joke? Boxy/ipsy is working so hard to never get another dollar out of me. Well done!

  39. Hi! Did you get a code yet? would love to give you one. I love biossance as well but hope you get to pick up something you’d love. Also Biossance has good Black Friday deals but there are duty fees in Canada if you are.

  40. Oh, you are too sweet! Thank you so much for offering, but I already have the code. Sooo excited. Maybe I'll bet skinfix now at Sephora and try to get a killer black Friday deal from biossance. I'm in the US so no duty fees..thank you again for your kind offer and your advice!

  41. I'm with you. I feel like fff has gone down a cliff the last couple boxes. So many dollar tree items. Plastic butter thing, plastic bowls...bring back all the high end non expired skincare please 😔

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