1. oh i LOVE this dress - where is it from? You look amazing

  2. Can I hear a little commotion for the dress?

  3. {The One Month Boyfriend by Roxie Noir} has this although I guess “enemy” is too strong to describe the nature of the MMC and FMC’s ex’s relationship but I think it still fits

  4. Looks like heart face shape because your chin is more pointed and the forehead or your cheek bones is wider so it could be a mixed face shape but it’s mostly heart face

  5. I have the same face shape! I’m still not sure what it’s called either.

  6. There’s a scene like this in {5 Rounds by Nikki Castle}. Both FMC and MMC are gym heads. The book is enemies to lovers, forced proximity kind of. The wrestling scene is a great one, lots of tension

  7. Zero chemistry. It read like it was just hitting certain romance trope beats without any depth or feeling. Tbh everything I hate about the fake dating trope. Actually very tedious to read. I did enjoy the sex scene, I don’t remember it but I thought it was well written and communicated their feelings well.

  8. I want these recs too! I feel like {The Maddest Obsession by Danielle Lori} has some of these elements and I loved that book but I want something just like you describe!

  9. Unhoneymooners was forgettable to me and Love and Other Words is one of my least favorite Christina Lauren books, but a lot of people really like it. I think you can just keep trying cause they have a wide-ish catalog and see if you find anything you like. Christina Lauren books I’ve loved and enjoyed:

  10. Your post made me read it and wow! I stayed up all night to finish reading it! The chemistry, the banter! I’m still so obsessed!

  11. Courtney Milan is my favorite romance author! Glad you are enjoying her books. I also really Alyssa Cole. She has both contemporary and historical novels. Both her and Courtney Milan have very character driven stories. I also enjoy how diverse (in all sense of the word) their characters are.

  12. I adore Courtney Milan’s books! The Duchess War is one of my all-time favorite books, not just romance novels. You should also give Meredith Duran a try if you like Sherry Thomas and Courtney Milan!

  13. I have one but it's Wattpad and still ongoing so might not be the best fit: Truth Be Told by Sam Madison (

  14. STOPP omfg thts my favourite book on wattpad 😭im so sad it hasnt been updated in a while

  15. omgggggg!!!! I’d been away from Wattpad for a while and didn’t realize she’d updated the chapters since then so I got caught up yesterday! It’s so good and I hope she continues

  16. I read the books before and alongside the show and I have so much love for them both, but yeah it’s different. The show is more soap-y and definitely has more of a cultural influence, but the books are also such a great time capsule and oftentimes more insane than the show. Blair is more of the main character in the books and Serena is ditzy, and the Nate is the male lead with Dan as the secondary male lead.

  17. Yeah I find it odd that Jordan isn’t getting pushed the same way since she’s the main lead. They both seem like they would be fashion world darlings but yeah maybe Jordan needs a better team for that to happen.

  18. I just think it’s mediocre considering the number of teen drama shows available to watch. I will be giving 1B a chance but I just don’t have any strong feelings for the characters to root for or against them.

  19. Dean was so boring and it seemed like he had more chemistry with Lorelei than Rory (esp during those movie nights) but I can see the connection. I think Dan was a stronger character on the whole but he was also a main character so there’s that too.

  20. Imagine the drama with Easy and Callie; and when Tinsley returns! Honestly we need a good boarding school tv show!

  21. Cough, cough when Mac describes her outfits in the Fever series. It might have aged poorly but I can't imagine anyone describing their outfits the way that Mac did.

  22. I’m currently reading the Fever series and the amount of capri pants she wears in the first book 😭😭😭

  23. Enemies to lovers get me every time. I also love “taboo”/sticky situations like best friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend or girlfriend/boyfriend’s best friend because it’s great for angst and Drama. I love when, despite all efforts made by the hero/heroine, they fall in love with someone they wish they hadn’t. Particularly love when someone falls for a person and can’t explain it and hates themselves for it. I love pining MMC and selfish FMC. The list goes on but these tend to rise to the top of what I find intriguing in romance.

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