1. I love the one from the class picture episode, where it starts with them as little kids, and goes up to present day, especially the part at the end where they all start wrestling and throwing stuff at each other. It’s really cute and just nice to see them all acting like teens

  2. Much better than the little shits next to my old house who knocked incessantly regardless of time of day or state of undress. Sometimes was five or more times a day.

  3. The kids we were living next door to during lockdown had about fifteen soccer balls and we know this because they all ended up in our backyard on multiple occassions.

  4. If anyones still looking for Christmas gift ideas for stocking stuffs or friends, maybe consider a reuseable cultery set they can keep in their car/bag for when they get take away.

  5. Aldi currently have stainless steel reusable cutlery and lunch tins - a great gift idea for the sustainable or trying-to-be-sustainable loved ones in your life!

  6. Their cutlery sets are great! They come in a little calico roll- I have the rainbow one and it lives in my lunch bag, so I don’t have to use works cutlery. It didn’t come with a teaspoon, so I bought a rainbow teaspoon and soda spoon seperately and added them in. It even has its own chopsticks!

  7. He played a teenage scientist in space (who was in love with a cybernetically enhanced girl) on a show I loved as a kid called Silver Sun. Awful hair but I remember being so in love with him as a 12 year old girl.

  8. Ryan Corrs been in like… EVERYTHING here- Love Child, Packed to the Rafters, one of the Underbellys, Cleverman, Sleepover Club, Blue Water High, a shit ton of movies- but Silver Sun was the first thing I ever saw him on and will remember him for.

  9. Check ebay, I managed to get two full sets of the DVDs for about $150 in total.

  10. I 100% understand the frustration of the book & game fans- I’ve not personally read the books and the people I know IRL who have enjoy the show and aren’t fussed about the difference in adaption, but I know how the frustration feels when something isn’t adapted right in terms of the over all story and meaning. I have my own things I’m a fan of that have had shitty adaptions (coughcoughHPcoughcough) so I get it.

  11. They already got back at fans via Jaskier in S2. A really really low move for someone confident in their work.

  12. Ugh, yes, that seems very pointed even before I read any comments about it.

  13. My sister used to have a pet bunny and its remarkable how many people asked her “when he dies, will you eat him”

  14. My understanding is Phil Dunster is just a genuinely all round nice guy. I love that he and Brett Goldstein get along so wel IRL they had to cut down Jamie and Roy scenes in s2 because they didn’t have time to keep reshooting it everytime Phil made Brett laugh

  15. I really hope Roy takes Jamie on that trip instead of Kelley!

  16. I genuinely hope thats a season 3 reveal… they all come back after the summer and Roy is just even more awkward than normal, and Jamie is acting like they’re best friends and it turns out they were on holidays together

  17. Some say the income requirement is legitimate however, some parents are just irresponsible and it is not the kids fault. We qualified for reduced lunch but my mom would still “forget” to give us money most of the time. I realized breakfast was cheaper so I started getting up early and buying breakfast before school instead of lunch because the money would last longer. Until we moved and I had to take the bus. Busses did not arrive early enough for breakfast. Eventually she made too much to qualify but she still only gave us money sporadically. Her response was for us to pack lunch but there was no food in the house. For a while I would collect bottles and cans for lunch money but my state stopped the refund program . By the time I was in high school I had a job but there wasn’t always enough for lunch money. Thank goodness a friend started getting their mom to make double lunches and sharing with me. In exchange I would bring them Diet Coke which we always seemed to have on hand. Well, that and beer but can’t exactly open a cold one in the school cafeteria.

  18. My mum used to work in a school that was in a poorer area, so a lot of parents were on welfare. She said it was always easy to pick the irresponsible ones because in Australia, welfare is paid on a fortnightly cycle, so the day after pay day, the kid would have a lunchbox overflowing with food, a couple of days later they’d have a sandwich and a snack, and then by day five, no food at all. And there was still another week to go before pay day, and god knows what was happening at home. The parents of these kids would all be standing around smoking their cigarettes, and talking about their time at the pokies or the pub though.

  19. The thing is- I really really doubt Henry made this decision purely based on Lauren. A contributing factor, for sure, but not the only factor.

  20. we quote this far too much to each other now lmfao

  21. I also recommend the Zoo. It’s actually a bit of a family tradition of ours, we do it every few years. They put on special demonstrations with some of the animals, and give them fruit wrapped in christmas paper to “unwrap”. It’s a really nice way to spend Christmas!

  22. This. I do sewing as a hobby and even with the modern innovations of patterns and a machine, sewing is so time-consuming. Fiber arts take a lot of time and effort, through harvesting or shearing the fibers, then spinning them into thread, then weaving the thread into cloth and then turning the cloth into wearable clothes.

  23. Medieval and Renaissance court dresses also had things like interchangeable sleeves and could be cut to show your kirtle, so you’d be able to change the look of the dress and make it seem different! They were pretty clever with their designs

  24. Jackie & Hyde had an actual relationship. There was give & take, growth, compromise. And of course love and affection. Gods, they were so sweet and touchy-feely even when they were just in the background.

  25. That’s the thing that I love most about their seasons- how physically affectionate they always are with each other. More so than any other couple in the show.

  26. It was a YT rec the other day for me! Its really sweet

  27. Building on what others have responded, I’ve only heard hate for it on public SM like reddit and twitter. In more private settings like group chats, discord rooms and in person conversations, I’ve heard excitement and interested. Yes people are disappointed Henry isn’t continuing, but they also like the show, want it to continue, and are interested to see what Liam will bring to the role.

  28. My brother's bipolar. Like, horribly handicapped bipolar. Long story short, when he was in his early 20's and running rampant, my aunt took him in saying "Oh, I don't worry, I'll handle it. Two of my boys are bipolar."

  29. We know someone who is, I guess, struggling with depression, and then would occasionally have mood swings, and googled it and decided she had bipolar. She went to the drs, and got a referral to a counsellor and a mild anti-depressent and told everyone she had bipolar.

  30. I think Elias is their scariest unsub ever. I’m so scared for his family, there’s no real good ending for them. Either he takes them out himself, or they’re going to have to spend the rest of their lives with the knowledge of who he really was.

  31. Is it wrong that I want Bailey to be one of the victims? Lol And I can sympathize with wanting that neighbor killed off too. It’s a damn shame that the poor guy who looked like him had to get it instead of the real asshole.

  32. I feel like Emily’s whole “you’ve never pulled the trigger” take down is foreshadowing that he’ll be the one to kill the unsub

  33. Reminds me of the story where a 16 year old niece throws paint on what she knows is a $20k jacket her aunt has for a TikTok prank. Like, she didn't even do it for profit, just to be a little asshole. What the fuck happened to people for kids to start turning out like this? Honest question.

  34. A lot of parents protect their kids from any consequences. I work in school uniforms and just the slivers I see of extreme coddling and “never say no” thinking makes me concerned for how a lot of kids are going to cope in adulthood. I’ve had friends quit childcare and teaching professions completely because the level of parents harressing them for things like their kids not getting an A, or being told off for talking in class.

  35. Even a beef too, they're snapped up pretty quickly though. The pork is for special occasions

  36. It's almost like we need to invest more in transport that multiple people can use at once. Like cars, but bigger and with more seats so that lots of people from the same location, taking a similar route can commute together.

  37. The area we live in now has the new Flexi-Bus system, which asides from being an incredibly cute bus to see driving around, actually appears to be addressing these types of issues in communities.

  38. I’m always amazed by how well this one continues to hold up and have more and more relevance to today’s world. Amazing film!

  39. Awful film. The characters are terrible and the plot is nonsensical. I genuinely don’t understand how people rank this as the best mcu film. First Avenger was a lot better.

  40. I respectfully disagree with your points, BUT you’re allowed to have your own opinion :) (everyone is!)

  41. Her 8 months old newborn gonna have to live without mother love now 😢, having a baby myself I know how important is mum love and warmth at this age. It's just so sad.

  42. I was reading this morning about how his father took him in to say goodbye, and he was happy to be with his mother, and when they left, he just kept crying. Such a sad, sad story, and made sadder by how senseless this whole situation was.

  43. “I’m the Queen of the Castle and you’re a dirty rascal” is a schoolyard rhyme, they’re playing off that. Is she calling Henry a dirty rascal? Maybe. Imagine if you were brought from your homeland, trekked across countries, risked your life on stormy seas, only to be decared ugly and not fit for marriage after all.

  44. Yeah :/ I always have to remind myself at point that the show is inspired by history and not designed to be a history lesson because things like Anne Boleyn saying politics “isn’t her thing” and Anne of Cleves (who was actually Anna and Cleves is actually spelt Kleve) saying her life was great after the divorce is always a bit 😬 for me because I know their stories so well by now.

  45. Originally would have been introduced early, but I’d guess only in a few scenes. Instead of people reacting to T’Challa being gone like we got, it was gonna be a movie about what it means to T’Challa to have missed 5 years of life with those around him and his kingdom. But yeah, if I remember what I read, the name was always going to be what it was. I think something is being setup with all of these characters being introduced, given the Kang of everything.

  46. Also pretty much every phase 4 film or show so far excluding a couple has introduced an actual Young Avenger or someone who could become an MCU Young Avenger (Kang was also involved with the YAs at one stage as well).

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