1. The dtilt will low profile some attacks, which makes it a better dodge than the grounded dodge. Dodging is a really useful mechanic in this game. It can also be used in junction with dodge chaining to quickly cover more ground.

  2. Best part of dtilt is being able to cancel it into stilt. You have all the benefits of the dtilt dodge with Arya’s best combo starter

  3. Arya’s upspecial is mostly fixed now btw! I’m back to chaining dair loops

  4. Does anyone know when they’re fixing her? Arya was awesome and I maimed her until recently, now her attacks just do not connect anymore like they did before.

  5. It’s definitely a hell of a lot better than it was. Dair loops are back and fairly consistent

  6. Focus on playing around and approaching off your batarang

  7. Does anyone know how the badge actually works? Mine current says 1,556. Never used the iron giant or Velma+Jake glitches, and I definitely haven’t got even close to that damage in one game

  8. If you ever wanted to see an example of how damaging Arya’s up special not working is, here you go. Finn would’ve been dead if the up special was working as intended

  9. Yea, but did you see that high five read tho? Thought that was pretty sick lol

  10. My biggest disappointment is the amount of character-breaking bugs the patch introduced. Arya simply doesn’t work at the moment. The inconsistency of her up special is so bad that certain characters, like Tom and Jerry, slip out constantly. Arya can even be punished for landing her up special. Batman’s batarang is another issue. In his current state he just doesn’t have what his kit is built around working at all.

  11. Yeah her up special being broken makes her a pretty terrible character. Just had a game, both on last stock over 100%, hit the upspecial, then the up air just doesn’t connect, I get hit during my up air animation and die. Incredibly frustrating, but I’m glad they’re already on a fix

  12. they've announced something? Sorry I don't have twitter and can't keep track of announcements, only things I know come from ss of tweets on hot of this sub

  13. Yep, they’re addressing Arya up special in the next patch, along with a couple other things like Batman’s batarang not recharging on pick ip

  14. 144 should be standard now. So much smoother.

  15. Unfortunately not all platforms would be able to run comfortably at 144 fps, giving unfair advantages to some users. Yes, this advantage exists in games like valorant or apex, but fighting games by their nature are very different. I don’t see them uncapping the frame rate. Also be careful if you’re using the mod, it’s possible to be banned for it sometime in the future

  16. The characters that were part of the free rotation last week were not able to be unlocked with tickets. Because they’re no longer free, they’re locked as you were not able to permanently unlock while they were in free rotation

  17. If you slow it down you can clearly see he jumped/dodged over your hitbox, the hitbox of your punch expired, then he fell back into you with down air

  18. Slow it down and watch it again you can clearly see my arm go through his body

  19. i logged in, into my account and redeem the code yesterday, before starting season 1, but dont getted the rewards, it was showing that i uses the code, but was first time

  20. Had the exact same thing happen to me, kinda dissapponted

  21. 20 from Australia, absolutely love Gremlins and excited to see them in game

  22. bruh, trade with me please, i only see Bugs, TJ and Batman :')

  23. You’ll have the skin but not the character. Of you unlock shaggy later on, the skin will be there

  24. Who were you playing against? You could’ve been hitting someone with armour, like superman, shaggy, Wonder Woman

  25. Superman, Wonder Woman & the purple punchy girl I can't think of her name right now.

  26. Characters like superman and Garnet, that purple person you were talking about, get armour while using/charging some moves. When they have armour, there will be a red shield above their heads and they will glow red. The first hit against armour is blocked, but any hit after that will work as normal. Some characters have armour breaking moves that go through armour, and the second hit of any multi hit move are also effective

  27. I’m a die-hard Arya main, and yeah, she has great potential, nasty combos, and really fun gameplay, but is a little under-tuned. Honestly though, if they fix the hit boxes and address the 14% extra damage taken (either decrease it or just get rid of it entirely) then she’ll already be in a really good place. If they went further and made her dagger last a couple seconds longer when stuck she could easily become top tier

  28. It's fixed...when they actually release the update.

  29. Bugs Bunny and Tom and Jerry are probably the best fit

  30. He’s saying Arya, when working properly, it’s a pretty great character with a lot of potential. Once the hit boxes get fixed, which they’re currently in the process of doing, she’ll be a lot better and a lot more consistent

  31. As I said, she's fun when you pick her in champ select. In other words, she is a great character with a lot of potential!

  32. We’re addressing the point that the hit boxes are currently very inconsistent, and that it is already being fixed relatively soon, which will great benefit Arya. Plus I’m sure the other bugs with her kit will start being fixed soon. Remember the game is still in beta. Arya is a really fun and exciting character that is already decent and, once fixed, will be pretty great in the right hands

  33. Been a die hard Arya main since I started playing, and honestly I haven’t noticed her being underwhelming. She can kill most of the cast ridiculously early with the right setup, has some of the highest damage output, pretty great edge guard with side air and down air, and her up special combos are completely ridiculous. Only issue is that like 90% of her kill potential comes from her dagger. Hit the dagger and you win, miss the dagger and you’re gonna have to work hard for that kill

  34. id say either finn or batman, hard to tell

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