1. Game is dead and MMR system is in a bad state and only requires grinding to rank up. Unimpressed.

  2. Unfortunately no. The 10k votes are only for the set to be reviewed. Unfortunately outer wilds isn’t even close to being a big enough IP for Lego to see the set as being profitable

  3. Conversion therapy does not ‘work’. It’s a barbaric pseudoscience. You can’t torture your sexuality out of yourself. Any other interpretation of the practice is fundamentally flawed. Instead, acceptance, respect, and humility should be encouraged

  4. This has happened to me more than once but unlike you guys I don’t give enough craps to make a whiny post on Reddit… 😕

  5. Depends. Watch my gf play the game for the first time with the dlc. The revelations about the eye made in the dlc made her second guess about the eye, what it’s purpose is, and what the consequences of finding it might be. Mixed with the Nomai text in the shrines about the true nature of the eye, it made her decision to finally find the eye more of a daunting but ultimately important one

  6. Please for the love of god. Trying to play ranked in OCE is miserable when you go up against the same person continuously

  7. Batman is up there, man’s got an insane matchup spread, great against most of the roster

  8. Match velocity is your best friend, use it always

  9. Literally any character. Run away at the start of the match, jump twice, air dodge twice, up special twice. Done and done

  10. It looks like it’s trying to connect to a vanilla server? Are you sure the server is working properly?

  11. Genuine question, even if this reaches 10k supporters, how likely is this to actually get made, given licensing and everything?

  12. Very very unlikely. Lego only tends to accept a couple submissions, and only the ones that they know are going to sell well or have universal appeal. A relatively small IP like outer wilds is very unlikely to sell at the level Lego would want. For a comparison, the constructor from the game satisfactory, which is probably of similar or higher popularity than outer wilds, got rejected by Lego in the last wave

  13. And it's a completely optional cosmetic that has no effect on the game whatsoever. I really don't get why everyone cares so much, the game is free and it's not like skins are pay to win. Just don't buy them and move on with your day like everyone else.

  14. The reason why a lot of people are upset about it is that just a couple weeks ago, all these skins could be gotten for free, and gave people something to grind for. Now they’re $20+ dollars. It doesn’t sit right with some people that the legendary skin they got for free 3 years ago now costs $20 for a new player

  15. Role queue saved overwatch. Before, it would be normal having 2 tank 4 dps, maybe one healer if you were lucky. Now every match the team comp can at least be somewhat viable. Plus open queue still exists

  16. That part is under the ‘theoretical’ loops. It’s saying that the Nomai’s intended loop was for the sun station to work, ATP activates, loops until eye is found, Nomai link to statues and then they warp to the eye.

  17. No i did I was just in a game in fact against a zarya and guess what she did. made the game borderline unplayable. how people can defend the "fast" pace of this game is beyond me

  18. I don’t understand you my guy. Obviously they made tanks stronger to accommodate the 5v5 change. Zarya is a pain to play against, but as long as your team is smart you can play around her bubbles. Plus they’re already needing their duration and cool-down. The change means that a lot of the time the supports can be focused down quickly, at which point the tank will die easily. I really can’t understand how you think the shooting shields and being constantly stunned gameplay of OW1 is so much better than the faster-paced gameplay we have now

  19. ow1 wasn’t slower paced than this game. now tanks are just raid bosses that aren’t fun to play against

  20. Looks like screen tearing. Has to do with your monitor. If you haven’t already, make sure your overwatch full screen resolution is set to the right frame rate, for me it defaulted to 60fps and I had to change it

  21. Bro you gotta keep searching, those lanterns are rather plentiful.

  22. No need to be a dick about it man. Everyone experiences the game differently

  23. It’s just the trademark. Required by law to be there

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