1. On Thursday 30 March, the Dutch 13 Light Brigade will be 'placed under command' of the German 10th Armoured Division. In the presence of Defence Minister Kajsa Ollongren and her German counterpart Boris Pistorius, a military ceremony for this purpose will take place in Veitshöchheim, the home base of the German division near Würzburg.

  2. "Nee, het zijn geen militairen, het is politie met machinegeweren en granaten."

  3. Politicians still play with language to obfuscate or play down violence. Bush's war on terror became the fight against terrorism, which reminds me of a boxing match.


  5. It is an outright myth that Christianity delayed progress. The Catholic church funded a lot of the Renaissance and it is thanks to the work done by hundreds of monks that we still have access to much of the literature and scientific achievements of the Romans and Greeks. Even in the Baghdad House of Wisdom, Christians such as Hunayn ibn Ishaq played an inordinately large role in preserving and expanding knowledge.

  6. Europe developed in spite of christianity, not because of it. It is ironic that you cite the Renaissance, a period of relative religious withdrawal as proof that christianity did not delay progress. If anything, it proves the opposite. The Renaissance was practically an effort to recreate the atmosphere of the classic pagan Roman period

  7. Iran is working really hard on "finding out".

  8. Yea but in the pinnacle of democracy (murica) literally every profitable thing has lobbyists and claiming usa is democratic is lunacy

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