1. Exactly, Big Cat giving him hell is a bit, and as much as I love PMT, they tend to run bits well into the ground.

  2. Who will provide the goods and services with that money from universalbasicincome? I like this sub, but, no one working is s fairytale.

  3. No they won’t, they’ve been busy gerrymandering and suppressing the vote so they don’t face accountability for anything. And their base is too busy fanatically hating the lgbt community and brown people to care.

  4. Gotta keep your water cold!

  5. The dude is like 80 is he not? What guys his age have a pretty swing? At that point they are all about getting it 150 yds right down the middle no matter how ugly it looks.

  6. I honestly don’t understand the mindset of taking criticism of a politician personally. Dude, he doesn’t care about you, none of them do…

  7. They don’t mean of that stuff, they just want the racism back.

  8. The Haslams are terrible owners.

  9. If a cop can shoot you just because they think you might have a gun, you don't actually have Second Amendment rights.

  10. There’s an unspoken understanding among right wing gun nuts that the Second Amendment only applies to certain people. The NRA pushed for more gun control when the Black Panthers decided to exercise their rights…

  11. You mean FBI Agent, Rhodes Scholar, and Greatest father on earth Herschel Walker?

  12. You're falling for their nonsense if you think Ted Cruz isn't extremely intelligent and well educated. Putting him in the same box as Boebert would be a very foolish underestimate of his capabilities.

  13. In a way, Cruz, Cotton, and Hawley etc. are worse then Boebert and Greene. Pandering to the stupid vs. actually being stupid.

  14. The vote to remove him was 3-2… Pathetic.

  15. Fanservice. Homophobes tend to be racist/xenophobic as well…

  16. A collective punishment used by occupiers who view the occupied as less than human. See the burning of Palestinian olive groves.

  17. It would be less scummy if he were actually stupid. He’s pandering to base that actually is ignorant and knows the absurdity of his “point”.

  18. “The 10-person, all-white jury with no alternates was seated on Monday”

  19. Since it's a federal trial, the jury pool is a portion of Southern District of Ohio which is 85-90% white. So ending up with 10 white jurors is not really an anomaly.

  20. In a trial of this nature, I’d love to see the demographics of peremptory challenges.

  21. Is this dude glorifying lynching?

  22. Water is wet, the sky is blue. His views pander to his gerrymandered district.

  23. You can play golf at almost any age or fitness level.

  24. I wonder if this era of Red Scare evangelical authoritarianism is better or worse than whatever it was in the 18th century

  25. Worse, thanks to technology. State surveillance and suppression of dissenting thought has reached scary news frontiers.

  26. Never seen so many dudes so obsessed with another man’s job

  27. You literally described the entirety of sports media…

  28. Because he’s totally not a drug guy.

  29. The people ok with criminals are the ones protecting cops from facing charges…

  30. Accountability sounds like harassment when you’ve never faced it.

  31. Room temperature in a house with a broken heater.

  32. I own it, probably would not fit both in the laptop compartment when fully loaded out. I can barely fit my MacBook Pro 13 in and iPad Air at the same time.

  33. Does your case number start with “TRD” or “CRB”? If it’s the former, traffic cases are not expungable in Ohio.

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