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  1. Does this keyboard have any software? I just got one but I can't find any information on the feker software working with this one.


  3. That's the one I tried and it wouldn't recognize the keyboard. I did some digging and found out that there is a different program, but I have no clue how to get it.

  4. U need to paint anyway with the shit stains on the wall

  5. That was the wall after removing 2 layers of wallpaper, but yeah still its just funny how they didn’t bother going the rest of the way up

  6. Looks like a crisp to me tbh

  7. LET’S GOOOOOOOOO I’ve literally checked the destiny app every single day for the past 3 months and SHE FINALLY HAS IT I’m so happy

  8. Maybe because of the shooting range? idk


  10. I know the Wish-Ender quest is going away, but are all the corrupted eggs going away too? A friend and I are still going for that cool Taken sparrow.

  11. It still surprises me to this day that the tower doesn't have a shooting range/target practice area.

  12. This one was great and i have no complaints tbh. But i vote for sparrow racing for next year.

  13. I want to get the Dead Man’s Tale before it gets vaulted, but i never bought season of the chosen. Is it worth spending the $20 for it?

  14. Wait so doesn’t that mean all peter has to do is tell mj and ned that he’s Spider-Man and they’ll remember?

  15. He doesn’t want to do that.He wants them to live their lives as it is as he thinks their lives will be better without him.It’s why he puts that thing he wrote back in his pocket at the end of the movie.

  16. The visualizer takes over and controls the rgb for everything connected. There is no way to get around that. The audio meter can be set per key and isn't quite as tricky as it seems. I spent about 2 or 3 days messing with it and learned how to set up some really cool effects. It's a key part of almost all of my chroma profiles now. I'd say it's worth looking into because it's almost definitely the only way you're going to get what you're wanting done. Plus it's super cool.

  17. i mostly wanted it because i like how the visualizer works like an actual moving meter. i wanted it because i make music with ableton live and it would be cool to see with the lights when my audio is clipping or in the red. i tried setting audio meter to a group of keys but how did you do yours? do you have any links to your chroma profiles? thanks

  18. If i were to buy a wired controller, would i have to plug it directly to the xbox? Do any wired controllers with a sync button exist? My xbox is too far for a wire but dealing with batteries is driving me crazy.

  19. in the trailer, that scene with a close-up of echo's face, there was a big guy in a suit behind her. in the series, it doesn't. o_O

  20. I greatly appreciate you figuring all this out! I love this little community :)

  21. Of course!! Ive searched for a while to find a way to play this game after my last rewatch and I'm glad i figured it out and could share it! I'm playing the game now and its actually kinda hard to beat lol

  22. Yeah man 🤓I love breaking down stuff like this. I’d also love to see that sub 5 on my strava one day. Haters or not you should definitely run track next yr or try and walk on the college xc team if that’s an option. If your an adult try and get up to 15-20 miles a week at easier paces then go get that 5k podium

  23. :') thanks for the support man. ill look into that. also, what is strava?

  24. Sure it’s my gps track/social app it’s got lots of cool features. It’s my run journal with miles, pace, elevation gain, stuff like that. Gives you data to look at, for each run and also over the entire yr. segments to challenge yourself on. Follow your friends/pros and look at their training. You can upload photos of the picture you take at summits or group selfies after group runs.

  25. oh whaat ill have to check that out that sounds cool! thanks for letting me know

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