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  1. I like Jack McQuaid and what I've seen from him so far. He's good in The Boys.

  2. Dan looks like he’s been training to fight Sticks on PPV for money since Live PD was canceled.

  3. Maybe this was their backup plan if they couldn't get Live PD back.

  4. My husband walked in with a scene with Devi's mom and Pati and was like why are they orange? The coloring is way off.

  5. Lol he looks like he's straight out of an ad for running.

  6. He has such a pure heart !! He reminds me of like the soul of a sweet loyal golden retriever

  7. It has to be a rainy night for him to spawn in that alley

  8. This just happened in my game and it wasn't raining when I encountered him. I wish I had video because I didn't know what was happening at first but I remember it was very dry. I also didn't see him until after the epilogue.

  9. You’re right. I didn’t catch that. Saw Elton John a couple weekends ago. Huge jumbo screen before the show stated Elton wanted everyone to sing and stand for the show. I’m sure that made some folks cringe.

  10. Since this is his last tour I bet he's making a big concert special. Or he just wants to have everyone having a good time.

  11. I thought maybe she meant the gay instructor (can’t remember his name) and the new lady with the step.

  12. Nah the fitness guy is weak. Sheila isn't worried about him. I feel like I should have seen that whole scenario coming. It's Danny and the blonde actress.

  13. I'm in the mountains, 4 and half hours from the beach, and I see Salt Life stickers all the time. Strangely enough, I also see "slut life" stickers.

  14. My husband always called the salt life stickers slut life because that's what they looked like they said to him. I got so excited to send him a picture of one of the actual slut life stickers.

  15. Are these legit ST pizzas or just homemade? Either way, they're dope af.

  16. Googled and I think they're sold in Wal-Marts? This was the only one I could find to buy.

  17. Is that how much they are in store too?! Or is this inflated online? That's crazy.

  18. I found an article that says they retail at $7 individually.

  19. bzr says:

    I was dying when this was happening and unsure if I was supposed to be laughing my ass off or sad. This part was insane

  20. It was absolutely insane. Watching the downward spiral seemed so real and it was hard to tell how much they were orchestrating with each other so it made the OD seem more realistic.

  21. The UK Ghosts actors all act as the plague pit basement ghosts.

  22. Is he part of that group Guillermo makes friends with?

  23. Its one of those stories that makes it clear love isn't always enough.

  24. As someone who struggles with how she was raised this is so well said.

  25. I just saw a concert that was requiring proof of vaccination at pier six last month but nobody was even checking for it when they let people in.

  26. Yes I saw this and was like I remember doing this with my socks when I was little.

  27. I haven't seen tonight's episode so no spoilers in your replies pls.

  28. Jughead opens a portal to another mighty morphin universe and Archie and friends decide to try to use the Megazord to defeat the comet.

  29. Lol I love this comment because my husband and I said they should become power rangers in the last season. 😂

  30. Bro I spent a minute looking for him in the group to the left, until I zoomed out

  31. Lmao it was the same for me except I swiped to see the second picture and got spooked af at his laser eyes. 😂 Going back to the bigger picture to see him sitting there alone was even more unsettling lol.

  32. Ok, first of all, take a deep breath. Obviously this “sorry” means a lot to you. But do you really want someone to apologise because you tell/force them to? I would think explaining why you don’t like a particular behaviour, redirecting and asking them to change their future behaviour, and them not doing it again is a lot more meaningful than an “I’m sorry.”

  33. Thanks, I appreciate it. I'm struggling a little with how I approach being a mom. I feel like I'm the bad cop while I'm upstairs hearing my husband be Mr. Nice cop with her downstairs. 😔

  34. Everyone x Therapy once everything is over and done with is probably going to be needed lbr. My husband and I were kind of in disbelief at the kids attitudes at the beginning of season 4 except for Max who seemed to be acting appropriately for what they went through.

  35. My friend got hers two weeks ago via best buy, and I saw two different people walk out of the mall with them the other day. Lol I hope scalpers are seething.

  36. This sounds super good, totally checking it out. Thanks for mentioning this!

  37. It’s going to be a show as well! But the book was great!

  38. Went to go check it out of the library and just got my spot in line as #81, I'll be waiting awhile. Maybe I'll see the show first. 😂

  39. Thank you!! It doesn’t get the attention it deserves. There are a lot of good TV shows, but not many with the kind of vibes it gives. Love it.

  40. Yes! It's refreshing to have a show where no one is truly a villain and you can root for almost all the characters in one way or another.

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